Is itSeed3D compatible with Mark II ?


As long as I connect my Structure Sensor(Mark II) to itSeed3D on ipad, I’ll get the notice:‘Structure Sensor’s battery is too low’ and thus I could not move on. But no matter how long I’ve charge the sensor for, even long after the light on the sensor became solid blue, itSeed3D still told me ‘the battery is too low’. And after reading some previous posts, I noticed that Mark II may notify that it need charged when there are 60% percent left, and the new release SDK could solve that problem. So I’m wandering is it because itSeed3D is not compatible with Mark II yet? And anyone met the same problem? What is going to be done to solve it?


Yep, you are correct, it is not yet compatible. Neither is Skanect at this point and time. :frowning:


Hi echogwy,

Many of the applications that were built for Structure Sensor are in the process of upgrading to support Mark II, but few have shipped yet. This page will be continue to be updated as more Mark II compatible applications are released: