Is there a forced distance limit to the view in Unity?


I started with the MR example scene in Unity, and added some bright green walls (UnlitColor shader) filling the view 50 meters out from the start in all directions. I raised the camera’s far clipping plane to 110 meters so they would be visible.

In the Unity Editor, I see those walls anywhere the Bridge default demo mesh is missing (instead of black). But when running that scene on hardware, the green walls are only there for the very first frame, and then the Bridge Engine kicks in and the green walls are gone, so I just see black anywhere the scan mesh doesn’t cover. I don’t see anywhere in the Unity code that would cause this. I noticed that the VR demo also keeps everything very close to the starting location, so is something changing the camera clip planes or something?

Any idea what’s going on, and more important, how I can fix this, make things visible from far away? Note, the walls are not children of the @BridgeEngineScene, and have no code on them.


I explored some more, and the walls are visible 5 meters in each direction instead of 50, which I guess is fine for my needs. What I’m really doing, BTW, now that my green walls are visible, is creating some “video walls” that show live video behind all the scanned areas, so that instead of seeing black holes in the world in places not scanned, you just get a bit of world distortion where the depth isn’t accurate. It looks much better, feels more like actual Mixed Reality, and lowers instances of motion sickness.


Hi Dreamwriter,

That sounds really interesting, could you post a video? I’d love to check it out.