Is there support for more than just low level sensor reading?


I have a Structure Core, as far as I can tell the SDK only seems to be for getting low level data from the sensors, is there any high level support for 6dof tracking yet? My hope was to use the device for 6dof tracking in Unity on Android.


We do not yet have a public release of our Perception Engine for the Structure Core which will add 6dof tracking. As soon as we do release this engine publically, we will make a blog post here on our forums page.


Is there any update on this? I purchased my Structure Core specifically for 6DOF tracking, so it is completely useless to me without this feature. I have multiple projects I’d like to use it on (including tracking for Project Northstar on a Windows PC, tracking for another AR headset in Android).

I don’t need full support for Bridge Engine or anything (although you do have a video showing it working with Structure Core…) just basic 6DOF tracking.


Seconding this. I bought the Core only because I needed 6DoF tracking. Please advise when you think it will be ready.


Add me to the list of disappointed developers. My main reason for getting the Core was to do object tracking, so until that is supported, I can’t do much to evaluate it for a commercial product.


6 months later, my Structure Core still literally cannot be used for anything at all. I am very disappointed with the support Occipital has been giving, this has been a waste of hundreds of dollars. It seems right now the sensor is only good for low level computer vision or SLAM experts, but that is not what your website advertises, not what I bought the device for. Your website says the Structure SDK supports high level API’s for “precise 6-DoF positional tracking, Volumetric reconstruction, Real world occlusion”, yet it does none of that. It even talks about how it “now integrates with Bridge Engine”, and has a video of the Structure Core working with Bridge!

How long must we wait for even beta support for the features the device has been advertised to have?


Sorry for the delay in responding.

We have been working hard at completing a beta of our Perception Engine.

We will actually be having a webinar on Perception Engine on May 24th.

You can find out more information about it, sign up for the webinar, and apply for beta access to Perception Engine on the following forum post: Perception Engine: Plug & play 6-DoF tracking