Issue tracking with depthAndColorTrackerIsOn

We are building an app on top of the Structure SDK for iOS. Due to a change in what we were doing, we changed _dynamicOptions.depthAndColorTrackerIsOn from false (old version of app) to true (new version). However, in doing so, we have lost some of our scanning capabilities. The app is for getting 3D models of a foot, so we scan a person’s foot while they are standing on a clear platform above a mirror. With the old version, we were able to track both the foot and the reflection of the foot from the mirror. On the new version, one of two things happen:

  • The scanner does not pick up the bottom of the foot in the mirror, and you can complete a scan
  • The scanner does pick up the bottom of the foot in the mirror (desired behavior), but as you continue to scan, it loses track of the object it is scanning and says “Please put the model back in view”, even though the model is still there.

We do not specifically need color tracking, but we do need color in the scan. Is there a way to have one without the other? We have not had success finding which settings need to be changed to achieve this.