Large scale MR with Structure/Bridge/Unity?



I’m curious about the structure sensor’s ability to capture large scale environments for exterior building envelope applications (architectural exteriors). I have had success importing 3D objects to Unity, building to Xcode and viewing in MR with Bridge headset. The default splash screen says 10x10 room is recommended and I have found anything beyond this will not scan. I have tried walking slowly along the exterior of our building but app crashes, I assume this is due to size of scanned map.

Does anyone know the actual hardware limitations of the structure sensor’s range? Website says 3.5m+… Lastly, has anyone had success with large/multi room scanning and/or scanning large exteriors?




The technical specifications for the range of the Structure Sensor is 3.5 meters but that is the range that it can “see” and not the actual scanning size, which is what you are looking for.

The Bridge Engine, as well as all of the Structure Sensor Applications, limits the size that can be scanned, not due to the limitations of the Structure Sensor, but due to the hardware limitation on the iOS devices being used with the Structure Sensor. The largest limiting factor for the size of your scan is the memory (RAM, not storage) on your iOS device, which is typically 1, 2, or 4 GB. We, thusly, limit the size of the area that can be scanned to make sure that all supported iOS devices can handle the scanning size.

Also, the Structure Sensor is not suited to work outdoors in strong sunlight, as the amount of ambient infrared light interferes with its operation. For use outside, the Structure Sensor would work best from dusk until dawn or on an overcast day, when sunlight is at a minimum.