Long time to recive mail of scan


Hallo i have some trouble with mailing of scan. I wait some days. Where is the problem. I use ipad pro
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I assume you mean that you submitted a scan using the Canvas app? (These forums cover all things Occipital - so anyone not using Canvas probably doesn’t know what you’re talking about.)

My own experience is that from the time I uploaded the files from Canvas, it was18 to 48 hours before I received the email with the download link. If you asked to have multiple scans merged, that takes longer.

The key is: did you receive two emails from Occipital/Canvas immediately - one during the upload (saying it was being uploaded) and another saying that the upload was complete and the order was in progress? Each would have the same alphanumeric order code in the subject line.

If you received those, and your credit card was charged, then you’re in the system.

If you did receive those first two emails, then it is conceivable that the third email with your download link went to your spam folder? You can check to see if your order is complete simply by opening the Canvas app on your iPad. Open the scan that you submitted (so that you see the navigate-able white mesh of the room) and if it has been processed, you’ll have a link to click to download the processed/colorized scan directly to the iPad.

If you still don’t have your download links, but have a confirmed order, send a message directly to support@canvas.io giving your order code etc. :wink:


Hi Stefano! I’m going to send you a DM to get your order ID and information so I can look up your order for you. Stand by :slight_smile: