Making scan actual size/measurements in Meshmixer



I have scanned an object using the structure sensor and want to use Meshmixer to make changes to it. However, the object is very scaled down and I need exact measurements without me actually measuring it but rather through the scan. I’m new to this. Any solutions?


The Structure Sensor and most related applications use meter as its unit of measurement. You will need to import your scans into Meshmixer in this measurement scale.

For more information about how to do this with Meshmixer, please reach out to their support team directly:


Can the scale be changed to Millimeters or inches and change the OBJ file to STL file?
I have tried scaling with no luck.


This really depends on which application you use or if you’d like to develop your own application.

Most applications for the Structure Sensor use one standard measurement scale and do not allow you to change this scale easily (Skanect is a good exception), but you can develop your own application that allows for millimeter scale: Meters to Millimeters

The same goes for OBJ to STL. Most applications choose a file format to use and stick with it, but our Structure SDK allows for the STMesh data to be stored in either OBJ and STL, so you can develop your own application that can save the files in the STL file format.


Here is a couple of links that you may want to look at, as well: