MARK II a problem with model scaling


Hi, everybody,

I have had STRUCTURE SENSOR MARK II for two weeks now. It is connected to the new IPAD MINI 5 gen. Version 13.1.2.

Why are all scanned items reduced in scale? The scanned model is about 4 cm tall, but in reality it is 32 cm tall. What is the reason for this?
Why does switching functions in the settings cause the 3D cube to jump all over the screen?
When will the update be ready because it is impossible to work with this device?!

I work for Vigo-Ortho Poland: We have 10 original sensor structures on the ipada mini.
Everything works correctly there.

There are a lot of problems with Mark II!
I need to use Mark II in my daily work with patients.
Now it’s useless! :(((

Please help me!



The scale of scan is in meters. You have to adjust cad program for this.


Oh, thanks.

I would never have thought that the scale in the 3D scanner sea be in meters :smiley:
Why is it so?