Mark II issues and Erratic scanning


Hi All,
We got our mark II 2-3 weeks ago for our business, we are hoping to use it to scan machines on and off site for designing guarding to go around them.
When trying to do room scanning it seems to loose tracking when we start to scan up to the ceiling.
Even scanning objects is an issue, the app won’t lock onto an object and the locating cube seems to sometime get pushed out of sight (as if it is under the table)

The scanning surface also looks very erratic.
I have attached some screen shots.
The issue seems to be the same across iphone and Ipad Pro.
Anyone had similar issues like this?

Mark ii supported apps, full body scan not working, any help please?

Hi @PiP.

If you read some of the most recent posts on the forum you’ll see that a lot of people are seeing similar issues at the moment with the MKII (ourselves included).

Some people are having success after recalibrating, but unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a common fix.

It seems Occipital are aware, and presumably trying to come up with an SDK or firmware update that fixes the mutlitude of issues we are seeing.

If you are able to figure out and post repeatable steps that clearly show the issue (screenshots are great, but video would be even better), that might help us all figure out any commonality, and hopefully lead to a solution.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

-Andy W


Hi @PiP @andy.warwick,

I’ve been experiencing similar issues with the Mark II, and I am interested to know if there’s anything that can be done to improve the experience. Specifically, I am having trouble producing smooth depth gradients from Mark II, very similar to those posted by @PiP, and I very easily lose tracking when scanning, making it difficult to generate scans with the relative ease of the original sensor. If you come across anything that can be of any help, let me know. I’ll continue pay close attention to the latest forum threads for anything useful.


Thanks all,
i wonder are we looking at week or months for software/firmware updates?
Also i am on ios 13 with both devices, could that be causing issues also?



I doubt this is an issue with iOS 13. I’ve been developing with iOS 12 since receiving the Mark II and have been experiencing these issues. Only recently have I made the switch to working with iOS 13.


Hi Pip,

A couple things to test here:

  1. Enable auto-exposure
  2. Turn on “Legacy Tracker”

Can you try with those settings to see if there’s an improvement in tracking quality?

We are also addressing some issues introduced by iOS 13 in our upcoming release, but those are unrelated to what you’re seeing here.


I can affirm that auto exposure and using the legacy tracker DO improve the tracking, but not enough to make it anywhere near “stable”, at least for me. I still get quite a bit of the bounding box hopping and flashing around objects, losing the object IMMEDIATELY after the first burst of data comes back (continuous asking you to bring the subject back into view even though you have not moved), general spastic behavior in the return data. I can get room scanner to work, enough to get a wall or two, when in perfect conditions, but any more than that and it destabilizes and crashes in on itself. (and yes, using proper technique). Smaller objects are all but impossible, items I can easily scan with my Kinect MkI or II in the same space. I can honestly say that even though I try a bit every single day I have yet to achieve a fully scanned object. With the power issue as it stands I am lucky if I get two attempts at a scan before it forces me to plug it in again. I do know now that my initial issue out the gate was probably the issue of doing first calibration with the wide angle attached as I had no depth hits for quite a while. The test version of the calibration one-shot depth setting fixed that for me, however all of the rest still remains true. :frowning:


Hi EventHorizon,

I’m sorry to hear that. Tracking stability is one of our next high priority fixes in the short term roadmap. Would you be able to take a screen recording of the issues that you’re seeing, as well as providing the iPad model and OS version?