memory leaks are spotted under Instruments "leaks" tool for original Scanner/RoomCapture sample codes (0.71)


Instrument “Leaks” tool report memory leaks for the original Scanner and RoomCapture built with XCode9.3.


  1. when you click “ColorView”, STBackgroundTask Simple Cycle leak shows up;
  2. CVPixelBuffer Simple Cycle leak for line:
    [_slamState.keyFrameManager processKeyFrameCandidateWithColorCameraPose:colorCameraPoseAfterTracking


  1. Initially, STBackgroundTask simple cycle shows up a couple of times
  2. when you click “Hole Filling” checkbox, more similar STBackgroundTask simple Cycle show up


Thanks for the detailed report on the memory leak!

We have already noted the issue to our developer when you reached out to us through your forum post: “possible memory leak in RoomCapture sample code”

We have added the issue to our list to be looked at for a future release. Once we do make a release, if this issue has been addressed, we will add it to the changelog.