Mixed reality Unity samples


Does anyone have a Unity sample of using mixed reality?

I got the robot room running, and even added my own 3D assets, but the camera feed isn’t used.

I’d like to know how to add this in.

Also, how do I go about placing assets on a scanned surface? (like the example mixed reality x code sample, where you place a chair etc)


Hi Paul,

Currently the Unity plugin only supports positionally tracked VR. For MR development you need to develop in Scenekit.


Oh right, that’s a shame.

What’s SceneKit then?

I did try modifying the MR XCode project by adding in my own 3D assets, but it seemed to be very picky with formats and the .dae files I managed to create myself didn’t seem to work so well (seems they have to be made in a certain way, that isn’t documented anywhere…)

Any ideas?


Scenekit is the Xcode framework that the Bridge Engine uses for 3d graphics. It can be a little tricky to work with at fist, especially in the 3D asset department. The good news is that we did put together some great documentation around it!

You can find most of the Bridge Engine documentation linked here, and the “Working With Assets In Scenekit” document is here.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the links, I’ll see if it’s worth doing anything with SceneKit.

Do you know if/when MR is coming to Unity? Most of our work is done in Unity and would make things much easier.