Modified Protective Case?


Has anybody devised a way to protect your iPad with the sensor attached? With the way the bracket attaches, a standard case won’t work.

I was thinking of buying this case and cutting the top off above the kickstand, to make room for the structure sensor and bracket. I understand that the case will be compromised, but am looking for some level of protection as well as a better grip while using the sensor.

Has anyone come up with some other solution prior to me doing this?


I decided to 3D print a custom case. I wanted a proper handle, protection for the scanner (so when I put the case down it doesn’t rest on the sensor). To avoid alignment issues I’m using the existing bracket, and the case is a friction fit. I’m using the handle as a battery enclosure, haven’t finished that part yet. I’ll upload photos & design files on Monday if you like.

As to cost, I think it you could get a bureau like to do it for a reasonable fee.


Awesome, would love to see that definitely. As of right now I have purchased a hardened case similar to the one I posted above, and will be modifying this weekend. When I am completed I will also post up some photos and details if it’s worthwhile or not, but I do like the idea of a custom made case with handles on it. Unfortunately the pro series are not designed for kids, so all of the cases with overly large handles on them are not designed to fit an iPad Pro 10.5.


I toiled for some weeks trying to find something that works. Surprisingly I came to the conclusion that Apple’s Smart Keyboard was the best fit. I don’t like a lot of bulk, it has the keyboard so you can still use it efficiently, and the screen stays protected. Otherwise my device stays in my satchel nice and safe.


Im about to build my prototype from ABS plastic, I have access to a CNC, I will post pictures.


I bought 2 cheep ones for 10.5 in Pro off Amazon for $10 ea. Its not super tough but it’s enough to keep the screen covered.
I bought the custom bracket for the larger 12 in pro. It lined up great and works like a dream. Being able to remove the sensor and keep it in a small zipper case between uses is awsome. The cover is magnetic and folds up very compactly below the camera and sensor.

It’s been a while since I did the extra challenging Custom Bracket setup steps. The alignment tool to mount position the bracket worked perfectly. I may not remember correctly by the time I was confident with my position measurements they were nearly identical to similar brackets Occipital Structure Brackets that didn’t need any setup.