Multiple struct errors when creating new project


I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve created a new project and brought in Structure code from my previous app but keep hitting these issues which seem to be Objective-C++ related. I’ve done all the usual setups of the project: libraries in, Structure.h search path added, -lc++, etc.

Any ideas of what else to look for?


If I remember correctly, structs don’t have initializers so to give the properties default values you can use a constructor.
Sometimes the error is exactly what it says, I’ve been bitten by that often enough before :slight_smile:


The issue is, this is Structure code. It works in my other project. There’s some setting in the project which makes this fail to compile. :-/


Oh ok, I don’t usually get into obj c++ so a bit of a guess! I’d be hunting through the build settings in the other project too, I understand your frustration :wink: Could also be something to do with the include or library paths?


I think I’ve seen this issue before when the wrong compiler is used. Could you let me know which one is set within your build settings?