NEODiMOUNT+ (iPhone 6+) Non-Magnetic version is available at Shapeways


If you have an iPhone 6+ and have concerns about having magnets attached to it if you wear a hearing aid, need the compass, or want to be able to mount the sensor to a metal surface. I am offering a version on Shapeways, $10 off of the normal NEODiMOUNT case. This does not include the “metal” kit ( available here: which sells for $6.00 that includes the adhesive backed stainless steel plate and magnets, or the extra rubberized finish.


NEODiMOUNT Magnetic Bracket for the Structure Sensor:


No the case you ordered, as we talked this morning just reduces the hole depth to allow for thinner magnet to inserted nearest the iPhone camera further reducing the magnetic field and guaranteeing no interference with the camera.

This way you can either use magnets or the new steel disk in the place of the magnets. The new optional sensor bracket has been changed to allow for you to glue the magnets directly to the bracket that attaches the sensor. This particular NEODiMOUNT+ case uses the metal plate, giving more surface area for the magnets to cling to and it is easier to obtain and plate fits in this recessed area. Also, this case is available from Shapeways, to the public and at $49.95, $10 less than the finished version that I sell. If you are “crafty” and don’t mind spending a little time rubberizing and finishing the case yourself, you can save a few dollars. Just keep in mind you still need the “Metal” kit and you don’t get the G&S tripod mount (not the grip, just the lower tripod piece).