NEODiVR PLAy for the iPhone 6 Plus STLs for 3D printing are available for download


I just finished the NEODiVR PLAy for the iPhone 6 Plus that also includes a bracket to attach the Structure sensor. If you are wondering if it will work in the middle of the iPhone instead of parallel, the answer is yes. You just need the measurements which will be available in a couple of days or the the expert calibrator. It could have been possible to add it in parallel with the iPhone 6 Plus RGB camera but not with the iPhone 6, so I chose to make both PLAys with the sensor centered in the middle. You are welcomed to modify the STLs if you want to move it up.

There is also included PDF on how to assemble and I believe the specs on the lenses. The slots were designed not have any tolerances added so you may have to do a little sanding or scraping to get the Structure sensor bracket through, but I did this not knowing the type or printer it would printed on and did not want it to loose. The idea is slide it through to the stops, and little of rise on the outer end will lock it into place. I am personally going to wait till this comes back from Shapeways to create camera ready version. I will make those available as well once I have tested the fit with no mark-up in cost. UPDATE: The NEODiVR “PLAy” iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with optional Structure sensor bracket are now available as “beta” in the Shapeways store:

I am also making a version where the arms will fit most 5.5" phones with case, including my own NEODiMOUNT or NEODiMOUNT+: tomorrow where the arm are open to allow more flexibility. So far the prototype versions where I clipped the plastic have worked well. I just need to thicken the ends to ensure you can’t snap them off.