NEODiVR PLAy for the Structure Sensor works!


Here is both the NEODiVR PLAy for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s Plus. If you want to try using eAVR (unbounded tracking) without spending more that $30 this maybe way the go. Not only do you get a frame that will accommodate 37 mm lenses (same size as the Google Cardboard 2015) it is compact, foldable and easy to assemble. When you don’t need the sensor attached, either remove the slide in bracket or using the new version 2 NEODiMOUNT mounting system with “Blue Steel” to just pop off the sensor leaving the bracket as is. To remove your phone, just slide it out and fold it up.

You maybe asking what is in the middle of the shot. That is ‘Power Amber’ a 9-axis IPU with Bluetooth. Once connected and reference established, you will be able to move your hand around in the VR environment and interact with objects as you move your body around in the VR scene. If you don’t know what eAVR (environment Awareness Virtural Reality) is, try out the unbounded tracking demos in the SDKS. If you want to try stereo viewing in the Unity plug-in, contact me at and I can send you a test scene. This will be available in February.

There is a post elsewhere on the NEODiVR PLAy with links to either 3D print or obtain these in my Shapeways store with no mark-up. These will also be available in my Square (US) and Ecwid (international) stores as well. This version will include quality optical glass lenses and trim painting. If you are still interested in the NEODiVR/HOMiDO (iPhone 6) or the NEODiVR/noonVR (iPhone 6 Plus) headsets. PLAy will be available for pre-order Wednesday with a two week lead time. The headsets are available now, but you will need a NEODiMOUNT case which also has a two week lead-time. They’re also available in the Shapeways store with a slight mark up. Finishing is up to you. "Metal kits (The magnets and Blue steel sensor attachment bracket) are available on in the e-stores )