New (and improved) NEODiMOUNT+ for the iPhone 6s Plus



After working with the iPhone 6s Plus the past couple of weeks, I noticed the current NEODiMOUNT+ is too tight and the iPhone camera is misaligned with the bayonet connector socket. The new version fits and is better aligned, as well as a bumper edge added to to keep the iPhone 6s Plus tightly against cover and protect the screen.

Here are a few renders:

You can buy it on Shapeways unfinished starting at $32.95 or
through my Square Market or Ecwid store for $49.95, finished, rubberized and including the new Structure sensor bracket with “Blue Steel” strip and the new (weaker) black epoxy rare earth magnets for twice the holding/gripping power and G&S tripod mount.

Here is hoping Occipital releases the new “Calibrator” app soon that will allow you work with the iPhone.


If anyone is interested in the modified iPhone 6s Plus STP or IGIS file I created from the iPhone 6 Plus, let me know at