New App for Structure Sensor in Beta


We are beta testing Skanr ( a new app for the Structure Sensor that allows you take a picture of a room and place objects or make measurements on top of that picture.

Here is a short video showing what Skanr can do:

The current feature set is:
Measure on the image where the scan is good.
Place objects on the floor in the image.

Planned features for the near future are:
High res images (implemented - will be uploaded to next beta build).
Scanning improvements from the .6 SDK (implemented will be uploaded to next beta)
Scan Objects, clean them up, and see them in the photo/room scans. (implemented - needs work to make it really good)
Many more furniture items and better lighting (in progress)

If you would like to be part of this beta please send e-mail to "" or send me a personal message on these forums.


Looks Great, keep up the good work!


The high end guys must be really worried about your progress! Very innovative and a credit to your team! have a look at Pixelsquid and check out the 3d libraries they are producing and you may be able to utilise there stuff in the future development of your neew app. Thanks for sharing your development.


Skanr is now released on the App Store!

Object scanning and placement coming soon!