New iPad Air and Mini support?


That new Mini looks like it would make a sweet little scanning host :slight_smile:


We will definitely work on supporting the new iPad Air and iPad Mini as soon as possible.

It usually takes us a few week to a few months to come up with a bracket designed and to receive stock from our manufacturer.


We’ve got a 3D printer or two so there’s that :wink:

Texture is looking pretty good on the 6th gen IPad!


The new iPad mini is the same as the old design, so the bracket form the iPad mini 4 fits fine.
Or am I missing something?


We haven’t fully tested our brackets and software with the iPad Mini 5 yet, so I cannot comment on whether the old iPad Mini 4 brackets works perfectly or not.

As stated in your other post, with each announcement from Apple, we begin exploring how to make the Structure Sensor compatible with each of Apple’s newest iPad and iPhone models. However, we are unable to complete the testing process or give concrete answers on product compatibility until we have the newest model in our hands for testing.

The full process usually takes a few months after the product is physically released for purchase.


Apparently things are not always as straightforward as they seem!