new ipad pro (2018 11") depth+rgb tracking problem


i got the Bracket for 2018 11-inch iPad Pro (USB-C) and tested Scanner sample app.

it worked fine but …

after fix the cube at a certain distance applied, it shows like this

screen recording

the scanning cube runs away. how can i fix this ? or should i wait for next SDK release ?

Detailed information here with modified sample source code(fix cube distance) i’ve tested some.

  • other devices(10.5 iPad pro gen2 and iphone 6s+) work fine with any options.
  • SDK 0.9 sample(using STCaptureSession) seems good.
  • but the cube runs away with SDK 0.9 low-level sample scanner and 0.8.1 SDK scanner.
  • the cube stays with depth only tracking but the it tremble little while scanning.