New NEODiMOUNT & NEODiMOUNT+ Products and July 4th Weekend Promotion


I have been busy designing and redesigning accessories for the Structure Sensor (iSense) over the past six months that will take advantage of the 3D Systems announcement, as well Occipital’s “any day now” support for the iPhone 6 or 6+ called the NEODiMOUNT and NEODiMOUNT+. Both have slowly evolved and been refined to allow for the new bayonet lens coming out from Occipital, the Century Optics iOS lenses, as well as the NEODiLENS set coming out later in the year. There will also be LED light bar called the NEODiBRIGHT with special sensor collar to be used with light, or without the sensor attaching to directly to the NEODiMOUNT or NEODiMOUNT+ case for supplementary lighting for photos or video.


NEODiMOUNT or NEODiMOUNT+ case & sensor bracket = $49.95 (including Grip&Shoot tripod mounting base)

Grip&Shoot Bluetooth handle = $49.95

4eyes version 2.0 with improved lenses for wider FOV and closer scanning* = $59.95

NEODiBRIGHT LED light bar and sensor collar (specify iOS device) = $49.95 (available late July/August)

July 4th weekend Promotion. NEODiMOUNT(+), 4eyes version 2.0, NEODiBRIGHT, Grip&Shoot Bluetooth handle = $185.00*

Updated products and pricing will be available for order through my Square Market or the new ECWID Market (international customers only) Wednesday, 12:01 a.m. PST by using this link here:

If you have questions please contact me directly at with “Question” in the subject line, this will ensure I provide a response quickly, normally within an hour.

*There will also be free offer to obtain “BioStep Capture” app for anyone who purchases 4eyes lens system version 2.0 during the July 4th weekend for either the iPad or iPhone when approved and made available in July. It will include “pro” like features and most important, allow scanning with 4eyes (see images below)


it s good job :thumbsup:
which app re using on iPhone6 ?
How can we get it?


WOW! Looks fantastic, but please what app is that that you are using?!?!?!


Will you be releasing the App for sale on itunes?


I can not find your promotion on the link provided. Would like to buy the set.


The weekend is about over and never saw any update of a bundle on your squareup store. Do you plan to do the promotion again?