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I’m Nicola Lonardoni, CEO at P.Ar.Co. progetti S.r.l., a new start up in a North-Italian region called Trentino. We are interested in building management and fast measurement. Fore more info about me please visit my Linkedin profile or our website (actually only in Itlian but soon in English too).

Best regards.


Bonjour à tous je suis Gilbert Margueritte, tailleur de pierre en France, je travaille aussi avec des machines numériques et suis intéressé par tous les systèmes de relevés y compris les scanners et particulièrement “Structure sensor”, un lien vers mon site web
Hello everyone I am Gilbert Margueritte, stonemason in France, I also work with digital machines and am interested in all systems of records including scanners and especially “Structure sensor”


Hello Pete,

Would it possible for you to send us screenshots exhibiting the problem, so that we get a better idea of how bad it is?




The dead camera pixel is the light colored dot just to the right of center. Against a bright background it looks dark.


I’m just saying ‘hi’ here for now … too busy exploring my new sensor… :slight_smile: till now it’s fun!


I’m finishing up a PhD at the University of Toronto, where I worked on Kinect-Based Interactions for Theatre. Early demo here:

Now, I’m on contract with Globacore working on games that use 3D scanning.

In 2011, I was a research intern who worked on the original Kinect Fusion, and it’s very exciting that ad-hoc SLAM exists in a useful way!


Greetings! I’m James Bryant in Calshot, beside the sea in southern England. My wife is a sculptor (see and I bought a Structure Sensor to see if it is possible to 3D print her work rather than go through the long and expensive mould making / casting processes.

It is obvious that most consumer 3D printers are not yet up to bronze / bronze resin cast equivalence so I’ll start looking for pro 3D printing companies who can do this when I’m happy with my ability to scan to an adequate standard - meanwhile if anyone already knows of any such companies, or, indeed of a personal 3D printer that can achieve the necessary standard, I’m sure I’m not the only forum member likely to be interested.


Hi - see introduction 107 below - James


My name is Brent and I plan on trying to use the scanner for prostheses. I am wanting to create a file to create a reference and justification if I need to make a new prosthesis. I looking forward to riding this train!


Hi everyone,

I’m Adolfo, on behalf of Fezoo, a startup from Barcelona, Spain.

We recently purchased a Structure sensor and we are happy to see that Gestoos, our gesture recognition application, works out of the box with it. If you have a Mac and Structure plugged in it, you can actually get a trial copy at our website and try to control iTunes, VLC, Keynote, YouTube or take pictures with PhotoBooth with simple gestures.

Also, I’d like to thank Occipital guys for keeping OpenNI2 alive :slight_smile:


PS: Feedback is welcome!


Bill Fuhrmann, The Toro Company:

We are experimenting with the scanner for doing quick modeling of fixtures that do not have drawings.


Hello all,

I am Vic Green from Baddog 3D Printing & Hydro graphics out of Caldwell Idaho… it is a pleasure to be involved with this tech as well as having the chance to get to know you all.

I look forward to learning as much as i can from all of you.



Hi everyone. I am Sam Breach. I am a commercial and fine art photographer. In my previous life I was a CG/3D/VFX/Digital artist (since the 80s) who has worked for Electronic Arts and Industrial Light and Magic in CA and before that many other places in London. There is never enough time, but I would eventually like to explore integrating 3d objects into my photography which is why I supported the kick starter way back when.

Nice to meet you all.


Hello Everyone, I am a developer in Nashville, TN. I am working on a project to use the 3D scans of interiors to create digital floor plans. Any advice on getting good scans of interior rooms?


Hello everyone, I forgot to introduce myself, sorry. I am a French architect and photogrammetry interests me since I am aware of it, for over a decade or more. With the evolution of digital technology, as advances in this area ! At the announcement of the birth of the Structure Sensor, I was sure that this tool would be phenomenal, I am not mistaken (and its designers either). Of course, this is not exactly photogrammetry as said before but the result is very near of it. Today I hope to use this tool for my surveying (as built) but also for leisure. Thank you so much for your idea to couple a 3D sensor to a device and to develop mobile apps using this 3D sensor.


What an awesome dev community! I was first bitten by the 3D capture bug when working as software team lead on RealScan3D, a structured laser light scanner commercialized by a Lockheed Martin spin-off in Orlando named Real3D. I later went on to license 3D room scanning technology from SAIC Corporation, producing two generations of prototypes which were marketed into a variety of government and commercial applications. I’ve been involved in other things for a few years, and I’m simply awestruck at how far the technology has progressed.


Hi, i am Bowie, from HK, is 3D Begginer!


It’s Peter from Hungary here, working on a RoboCup Rescue League robot, willing to use for slam, and obstacle avoidance.

Nice to meet you!


Hi Guys, Rick here from I make characters and things for 3D Printing, looking forward to seeing how I can combine real world data into my creations. Nice to meet you all.


Hi Everyone,
John here from New Zealand.I have just recieved my structure sensure.I am 54 and semi retired and are waiting the arriveal of my 3d printer and look foward to playing with these two items and seeing what creative uses I can come up with.
Thanks John