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My name is Mathew. SketchUp is the path that led me to structure sensor.
My interest in this product revoloves around construction, architecture, and woodwork.
I have been looking out for 3D scanners for a few years now.
Augmented reality seems to hold great promise for architecture.
A colleague and I built an augmented reality sandbox based on the UC Davis model.
Now, I have a structure sensor and hope to gain from it.

Hello fellow geeks,

I am Krishnaprasad Jagadish. I have been doing iOS app and SDK development for the past 5.5 years with a title of Prototype specialist for the last 4.5 years and currently working on an SDK. My job has been to use these cool new toys and come up with demos that showcases the mapping technology my company had. I have experience with Oculus, Leap Motion and Kinect. I was very intrigued with a MR version for iOS and instantly jumped to buy the explorer edition. Still learning SceneKit but have a good knowledge of OpenGL. Should be really fun working with the Bridge Headset.

Hi all,

My name is deeje and I am the creator of, a visual music dance show for iOS. I recently soft-launched v10.0, which brings the show into 3D and VR via Google Cardboard.

I’m very excited to be working on integrating Bridge, so you can move around and inside dances. Hit me up if you’d like to be on my TestFlight beta.



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Hi everyone
My name is Karol and I have some ideas for apps with sensor and I still looking for best solutions.

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I am Shashank from India. I have recently finished my master’s in Interaction Design. While my expertise is in UX/UI design, I am fascinated with AR and VR. Hence, I purchased the dev version of Occipital Bridge to explore if it can be used for rapid prototyping of designs.
So far it has been overwhelming! :sweat:

Hi :slight_smile:
My name is Pierre and I’m from Germany.
I write my Bachelor thesis about 3D scanners and would like to use the Structure Sensor for my prototype app.

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My name is winnie, and new to the 3d scanning and plan to scan real object and import to my virtual reality game in unity3d.

looking for a turntable battery operated, hopefully get the sensor next week so I would start scanning.

I am a graphic designer and my work is at


Hey, I’m Allen. I got one of the original structure sensors on pre-order and have been using it for basic scans. I’m not a developer, so I had very little input here on the forums in the beginning.
I’ve been using it to teach classes and make 3D printed stuff for years now. came to forums to find out more about the new Bridge! can’t wait! hopefully I can just get the mask and remote.


Very excited to finally try my new Structure Sensor and Canvas app! I work in construction in the SF Bay Area and wish to use it for as-built houses (both interior and exterior. Most homes are small, typically 1000 sq. ft.-- 1800 sq.ft.; hoping there is a way to fuse multiple scans together? Any advice on room scans and house scans would be appreciated!

Hi u all my name is Tom Kaare born in Denmark grew up in Toronto alone with my father I have been on a road trip from Canada to Texas and back in an old Plymouth Worked 5 years in Norway a few years in Germany Now living in Denmark I am yes man glowing of positiv energi driven with a need t know well that was a bit background. I am not an app dev. Not yet. My friends say Im what you get crowsing Macgyver w. Indiana Jones

I walked in to b8ta store in Palo Alto and found your product.

We have been developing mobile medical collab app called WinguMD BodyMapSnap for a few years. Built out the integration with electronic medical records like EPIC and Cerner, and imaging archives like GE/AGFA/Philips etc, and make it to work like Slack in the secure medical environment.

I think the Structure Sensor can bring a lot of meaningful and cool use in medicine and we will be playing with it to find the best use case given the current capabilities of the sensor, and if possible we would want to be involved much deeper and help this make into the de-facto “must have” accessory for most of our user bases.

I will be asking lots of questions so be prepared :wink: and also I look forward to meet other medical community members to see how they are utilizing it.


Hi All,
I am Jan working in a university in Germany. We are starting our AR work here which shall use the structure sensor to augment views of manufactured parts.


Hi Shelley here, getting the feet wet with Structure IO and the bridge.

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Hi I’m Miguel. I’m a web developer in NYC. I’m very green to iOS development. I’m passionate about content creation. I’m already loving what Bridge has to offer.

By the way if any Bridge Devs in NYC feel free to pm me If you are thinking about hosting monthly meetups or hackathon

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Hi all,

My name is Kyle, I am a tradesmen studying Architectural Drafting and Visualization.

Very happy to be exploring Structure and Bridge applications for use in the AEC industries.

Excited to be here!




I’m Ian from 3Dify, a Brighton (UK) based 3D scanning and printing company. We enjoy working with artists and creating innovative tech installations, exploring 3D technologies, and AR and VR.

You can find out more about us and our work at

We have used Skanect for various installations including the UK’s first 3D scanning and 3D printing art installation, and am also using photogrammetry for full body scanning, intrigued to see what the Structure Sensor can do.


Very excited to hear this. I am an artist looking to recreate the sculpture reference libraries of 100 years ago (pre-Armory show)

Feel free to email me at


Hello! I do the virtual design and construction tech for an electrical contractor! We just got an ipad pro and the scanner. Pumped to learn about it! I rented it first, and my only complaint was the RAM of the iPad. We should be good to go, now!


My name is John Marc. I’m new to the Occipital team as a Developer Experience Specialist! I will be on the forums, answering questions, helping with support needs and creating new documentation/tutorials/troubleshooting guides, etc.

Looking forward to growing this community, helping y’all make excellent apps, experiences and solving difficult problems!

Gday :slight_smile: I am Richard from Melbourne Australia. My company provides leading digital technology into the Oceania region. I provide GeoCV virtual tours and looking to learn more about Occipital hardware to be used for other product ideas for here in Australia. Hope you are all doing ok wherever you may be and stay safe. Ask me any questions. Happy to chat :slight_smile:

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