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Welcome @p3Dro, allow me to compliment you on the excellent pun in your username.


Hello Structure Forums,

I’m Matthew Bates, from the UK. I’m using the structure sensor in my PhD research at Durham University, trying out different fusion methods and trying to learn good reconstruction parameters (and prevent overfitting) using machine learning techniques. I’m hoping to great some AR or VR (with an Oculus Rift) project, in my free time.


Hello Structure Forums,

I’m Peter Brosdahl and I work for a small startup microbusiness using 3d printing. So far I’m loving the structure. I’ve been having some challenges trying to scan small objects roughly 20-50 square cm so if anyone has some tips please let me know. I read somewhere on here about 4 eyes but I need to find the link again.



Greetings, everyone! My name is Jason Schmidt, and I’m the Instructional Technologist for Bennington Public Schools near Omaha, Nebraska. We got a grant for the Structure sensor and are just getting started with exploring the possibilities. For right now, we are going to start with our Industrial Tech instructors to scan rooms for importing into Solidworks so that kids can do some CAD work. Looking forward to the possibilities and what we can do with this awesome tech!


Hi, I’m Murray Foster aka voxelman. I began working with 3D volumetric data in 1990 when I was hired as an applications engineer by Vital Images, Inc. to help sell the VoxelView and VoxelMath volume visualization programs. The data sources were wide ranging from confocal microscopes, CT and MRI scanners in the biomedical fields to huge towed arrays of seismic sensors used for oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Now a days I design and build specialized image acquisition and recording devices with a focus on compactness and portability. I can see from the preceding submissions that this forum hosts a diverse range of interests and I’m looking forward to learning and contributing as the Structure Sensor and its attendant applications evolve. Although not currently a developer I have many years of experience helping developers refine application human factors. My current personal interest is in developing improved diagnostic devices in the field of Ophthalmology.

I have a rather unusual story to tell regarding my Structure Sensor purchase. I initially encountered the device when I was looking on eBay for a 3D laser scanner. The device looked interesting so I purchased one that was being sold on eBay. It came quickly to my home in Iowa and I followed the included Getting Started instructions and went to the Occipital web site. I saw that there were some accessories that I wanted and placed an order. The next day I was contacted by Occipital asking me for the serial number of the device that I was going to use with the accessories. After complying with the request I was informed that the Sensor that I received from the eBay seller was one of 300 that had been stolen while in transit from the manufacturer. To make a long story short I returned the stolen property to Occipital and they treated me very nicely (Thanks Crystal). The replacement is in route directly from Occipital and their handling of my misfortune gave me a very positive introduction to the company’s founder and emplyees


You want to talk to @mebalzer




I just received the Structure Sensor and beginning to play with it. I plan to use the sensor for matching physical objects to each other (or calculating their deviance/fit).

I am a software developer myself, but my plan with using this sensor includes some advanced 3D shape analysis. Therefore I am looking for a freelance developer to help with that.

Sorry that I am initially reluctant to give out any more details than that :smile:


This is Hans. Looking for easy way to making 3D printing artical based on 3D scan of human body.


Hi there,

I’m Michael Molitch-Hou, Editor of 3D Printing Industry. I just got my Structure Sensor for Christmas and am excited to start using it. Not a developer, exactly. I did, however, create one Unity “game” in 2011 as part of an art project that would be perfect for VR and am hoping to figure out (someday) to port it to iOS for use with the Structure. Anyone looking to help is more than welcome to the files! Just email me at


Hi ! I’m Lirone, a french engineer and I just received the sensor and I’m excited to start using it :slight_smile: I’m going to investigate it and try to build software ! Looking forward for more updates :grinning:


I bought my sensor over a year ago but only got around to making use of my forum invite just now. :slight_smile: I’ve mostly been using mine for 3D scanning and printing experiments; currently one of them is in a modern art gallery. I’m also excited to try using it for gaming purposes.


Hi, I’m Pat Harding.

I have been in the CAD industry for 10 Years and I’m hoping to use the structure for architecture and spacial scanning. I have a double major in Computer Based Design (3D & E-Media). I have recently branched out into parametric modeling and AR.


Hey guys!!!

I just bought a scanner haven’t got it yet but I’m super exited about this product! Can’t wait to start playing with it, I do have one question I did buy the whole package and it came with skanect and I believe that this license its only for one item so my question is do u recommend putting it on the tablet or desktop/laptop ? Can’t wait to start scanning toys and maybe making my own!


Install the Skanect app onto your PC/Laptop. You can scan directly via USB hacker cable, or remotely from your iOS device via the Uplink feature in the Structure App. See the instructions here. Have fun and please use the forums as a resource. - Mark


Hi, this is Jahid Hassan. I’m the Technical Lead of Mobile Platform and iOS Developer at Infolytx, Inc. We specialize on developing AR,VR and MR cross-platform applications focusing medical, education and retail fields. We are developing an application for medical use based on Structure Sensor.

Nice to meet you all. Happy Scanning :wink: .



I am John, I am a phd student in computer vision and planning on using the scanner for a variety of projects. I actually received the scanner a while ago but it had to sit until I could free up time to play with it (actually not totally true, I opened it, got it to work with windows (I think), waved at the screen and then put it away).

Now I am using Ubuntu and Raspberry with the hacker cable. I have only been playing with it for a few hours. If I clone from Github and follow the instructions in the readme, I can run some of the programs. It is a start! On Ubuntu at least.

Tomorrow, Raspberry Pi 3 hopefully and access some point clouds, etc. Then Jetson TX1.

Ci vediamo!


Welcome! Please let us know how it goes. Also, @jim_selikoff, our Technical Dev Support Lead, has done some work on Pi3/OpenNI recently.


Hi guys, greetings everybody!

I am Alberto Sardi from Italy, I am new to 3d scanning and just received the scanner today. I work for a mechanical engineering firm, we have some ideas on how to use the scanner and will try some of them very soon. Up to now only some problem regarding the cuda proprirties of the GPU not being recognized but I will try to overcome it :slight_smile:




Hi! I am Ragini from India. I am new to iOS coding.

I studied the examples provided along with the Structure Sensor SDK. That was really helpful. I want to integrate the scan process along with a small app to get the scan image and other simple details and save it in a database. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you…

Went through some of the posts…everyone here is so helpful :slight_smile: