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Hello all, new to the awesome world if scanning and eager to learn! I am a dabbler, a bit here a bit there. I have yet to find anything as captivating as 3D scanning.


Hi - I’m Judy Krassowski, Teaching Artist at Trinity High School, Manchester, New Hampshire, US. We are a 400+ private Catholic college-prep high school that encourages productive and responsible use of technology, and personalization of education for our students, with the goals of college- and career-readiness.

My foundation class, 2D3D Design, has included 3D modeling and printing on two MakerBot Replicator Fifth Generation printers for the past two years. We have been playing around with our Structure Sensor for the past few months and are now ready to include it into that mix for 3D/Sculpture and Digital Arts students. Very excited to learn more about refinement and how to keep student scanners steady while keeping their student models steady as well!


Hi There, We will be using the structure in the marine carpentry industry. We are very excited to see how the room scan can be used in real world applications.


Glad to be here! Lets build some stuff!


It’s a pleasure to be here. This technology is fantastic.
My name is Lex, I run the largest VR Developer Group on earth and do some other things.


Hello all,

My name is Kevin Fukuhara and I am leading medical device service team within the University of Washington. It is my hope to fully integrate the Structure technology into our product to improve life for a minority sect of patients.
We are using computer vision in combination with the Structure team’s technology, and with this we are trying to empower an otherwise underdeveloped and technologically underserved medical field.

I look forward to talking to devs and other users to give/recieve input on how best to utilize the structure technology.



Hi all, this is Bozo Cardozo, a lifer woodworker, 3D printing nerd. Just adding to my quiver of nerding out tools. This is a cool one. Looking forward to what it will do as more time and apps get developed.

So far have done people, feet and object scans.

Playing with room scan a bit, but have not seen if anything new has come out in that realm recently.


Bozo Cardozo

Ketchum ID


Finally to introduce myself - I acquired the Structure Sensor (and a top end iPad Air 2 Retina) in January 2016 when we were looking to make use of 3D scanning in relation to marine application. At that time we had a poor experience with the level of resolution even though we had access to Skanect Pro and a hacker cable. I have come back to the Forum now that the newer Scanner app is available looking for ways to achieve just one task - to make some high resolution scans of propellers.


Nice to meet everybody.

I’m a wireless engineer. I’d like to use my Structure Sensor to capture spaces in 3D when performing site surveys. I find the concept behind Room Capture great.

Have any of you developers been able to extend the range of Room Capture past the current max 10m?




Nikki from Looking Glass here - maker of volumetric displays! We just launched our first beta unit of the development edition of Volume a little over a month ago and have been on the lookout for groups that would be interested in experimenting with the system in magical ways.

What is Volume? Volume is a personal volumetric display that allows for true 3D viewing, creation, and interaction. The technology behind Volume as we know it is called Lightfolding in which millions of pixels are channeled into a 3D volume, thereby creating a true 3D display. Here’s a video of Volume in action.

Right now, there are a few key ways to get content into Volume. The primary way is through Unity with our Hypercube SDK. Another way is through volumetric video/depth video capture with a Structure Sensor. We’ve just released an experimental iOS app called Holoflix and this allows anyone with a Structure to capture volumetric videos right from their iPad!

I’ll spin off a new topic once we have all the tutorials up and ready so y’all can ask questions :- )

Get Depthy!


Greetings Everyone!

Excited to be a part of this venture! My name is Andrew Mendez and I am currently a graduate student student at Cornell Tech in NYC. I have experience in AR and Computer Vision, and I am passionate to be a Mixed Reality game and software developer! Currently I am sharpening my skills in SceneKit and ObjC, but soon I will be releasing a blog of several experiments that will push what you can do with the Bridge Engine and the Structure Sensor. If interested, check out some of my past work:

Feel free to ping me, I am looking to collaborate and share ideas!


Hi guys! I am really exited to be a part of this awesome tool. My name is Riccardo and I’m going to graduate this April, I am really interested in building an iOS app, which can experience 6 DoF Virtual Reality working with Bridge Engine… Really can’t wait! :slight_smile: First time develop for iOS… kinda tricky :grin:


Hello everyone. My name is Shawn and I have been in the SCADA/M2M/IoT (as it is now called) for a while now. I am interested in what this can do for the realtime situational awareness along with remote expert assistance for the energy, manufacturing, and mining industries. This technology will fundamentally change the way people work.


Nice to meet you, I’m Sakao Tokuyama.
I am working as a business system engineer in Osaka, Japan.
I am also researching application development of AR, VR, MR now.
Recently, I bought the Bridge Engine and tried it a lot.
If there is something I can ask or answer, I will post it on the forum.
I look forward to working with you.


A simple application video using Bridge Engine.
Creator: Sadao Tokuyama


I love the Pokemon 3D models! Did you make those models?


No. I have not created it. I use a free and open dae file.


Hi my names Paul and I work on behalf of inovative global insurance companies.
We have an app in use for building schedules of works for water and fire damaged properties, we would be interested in hearing from anyone regarding creating a great solid 3d room scan that we can incorporate into our existing commercial applications.

Would love to hear form people in this space regarding building new or providing any existing applications that we could bolt on.



My name is Mathew. SketchUp is the path that led me to structure sensor.
My interest in this product revoloves around construction, architecture, and woodwork.
I have been looking out for 3D scanners for a few years now.
Augmented reality seems to hold great promise for architecture.
A colleague and I built an augmented reality sandbox based on the UC Davis model.
Now, I have a structure sensor and hope to gain from it.


Hello fellow geeks,

I am Krishnaprasad Jagadish. I have been doing iOS app and SDK development for the past 5.5 years with a title of Prototype specialist for the last 4.5 years and currently working on an SDK. My job has been to use these cool new toys and come up with demos that showcases the mapping technology my company had. I have experience with Oculus, Leap Motion and Kinect. I was very intrigued with a MR version for iOS and instantly jumped to buy the explorer edition. Still learning SceneKit but have a good knowledge of OpenGL. Should be really fun working with the Bridge Headset.


Hi all,

My name is deeje and I am the creator of, a visual music dance show for iOS. I recently soft-launched v10.0, which brings the show into 3D and VR via Google Cardboard.

I’m very excited to be working on integrating Bridge, so you can move around and inside dances. Hit me up if you’d like to be on my TestFlight beta.