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@adam - nope, please feel free to share. My Twitter handle is @9gel . Thanks.


Thanks! We’ll be posting it shortly.


Hey, everyone! I’m Christian von Kleist from We’re focused on handheld 3D indoor mapping, and our Structure SDK-based app will collect the data our algorithm needs to 3D-ify people’s spaces, large and small.

We’re super stoked about Structure! Can’t wait until millions of people have a Structure in their pocket.


Hello, I’m Forrest. I am an embedded engineer at Occipital. I am primarily focused on the firmware that runs inside the Structure Sensor.


Welcome Beta 101-200 and Dev Team Bundle backers! Please introduce yourself here.


Hi Everyone, My name is Daniel. I’m a software engineer in San Jose that’s really excited to start working with the structure sensor.


Hello! I’m Ron. I come from the VFX world, but lately I’ve been modelling and animating for Augmented Reality.


Hi there! Shawn here of Looking Glass and super stoked to be getting one of the betas soon. Hong Kong will soon be digitized. Thanks Jeff and the whole Occipital team – I’ve been a little bummed at the delays so far but I know what happens with hardware production. Glad it’s all coming together.


Hi I’m JP, I enjoy making stuff. I wear many different hats depending on what I’m working on however for structure I’m hoping to integrate the 3D mesh data into a Unity 3D floor plan drawing tool that sits inside a domain specific iOS app… what could possibly go wrong :smile:


Love your work @9gel, have you thought about applying the incremental mesh data to a progressively aggregated model of the space? For the viewer, that would be awesome if you were interested in a specific area whilst the capturer continued on scanning the space. Just an idea, your video is Super Minority Report cool :smile: Can’t wait to see more.


Hi all, my name is Shirish Patel. I am a serial entrepreneur and iOS developer.
3D sensing is of great interest, I will be developing some apps for commercial
applications. Looking forward to getting started.


Shirish again, sorry did not realize my photo would be so big - ok if it can be reduced in size!!!


Hi, My name is Mario Ciaramellano, Industrial Designer from Sydney-Australia.
My company is called Virtual Lab Australia, we develop CAD and Imaging software, will receive our Sensor in the next few days and We are very excited about its capabilities and integration with our software DCAD Vectorspace and it’s use for Architecture, Interior/ Industrial Design and 3D printing.
As a personal interest I also want to use it in Static/Dynamic Bike fitting for Road Bikes. Let’s see how this goes!
Mario C



I am Andrew Corliss and I am oh, oh, oh so lucky to be here because I won my sensor as a prize at a Hackathon. I am an independent developer and personally cannot wait to see what I can develop using the sensor. I know there is a big hackathon coming up in Denver, soon and I think I may have to make an app with the sensor and give myself a good three days of playing.


Great to be here!
I am Jouke Verlinden, assistant professor working on Augmented Matter in Context. This includes augmented reality (specifically projector-based, e.g. and currently a chuck load of 3D printing projects in various application domains. As of today, proud owner of beta #134, which arrived at the same day as the Kinect for windows V2 (TOF sensor - cannot say more due to NDA). Let’s see who will win my attention in the next months!

@Industrial Design Engineering, Delft university of Technology, the Neterlands.



I’m Lex van der Sluijs, co-founder and CTO of twnkls | augmented reality (and alumnus of the faculty of industrial design engineering at the technical university of Delft, Hi Jouke! :smile:)

We’re interested in the structure sensor for both tracking/augmented reality purposes, as well as for its 3D reconstruction (sparse and dense) capabilities. Basically this means that -while we love the hardware- we’re even more interested in what Occipital is doing on the software side.

All in all, we’re looking forward to creating some innovative applications with this great new product!



I was a bit late to the party!
I’ve been lurking in here for a while so i figured a formal introduction was in order now. Better late than never.

My name is Bjørn(Bjorn if you don’t have the “ø”)
I am 24 years old and an IT student. I attend NITH here in Oslo.
I am currently working with the Structure on a school project regarding real estate visualization. And i am a complete x-code noob, but i get better each day.

I am really excited to follow the progress of Structure and the community as well :smiley:


Hi everyone, Mauricio here. I’ll be doing an internship in Occipital through the summer, trying to build new applications/products related to the Structure Sensor. Happy to be here and meet you all!

PS: I’ve been trying to find a new fabrication shop in SoMa, something very simple really, I’d mostly need a laser cutter, basic tools and a desk with a soldering kit, any ideas? I already know about TechShop, but wanted to have options and also think it’s a overkill. Thx!


Hi everyone,

My name is Scott Lang and I am a teacher at the Bergen County Academies in northern NJ. We just got our Structure Sensor today and are looking forward to working with it until we break for the summer. We got a few Oculus Rifts last December and as a result, we’ve jumped into exploring all sorts of new technologies. We are excited about the Structure Sensor because we’re hoping to use it to capture some of the models our students could use in their Maya work and in some of our Unity projects. Great to see that there are so many exciting projects already under way with the rest of you. Thanks!


This is Ken Lee, CEO of VanGogh Imaging. We specialize on 3D object recognition and analysis. We look forward to using the sensor for our applications in the embedded market.