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Hi Ken, great meeting you in person at AWE 2014. Welcome to the forums!


Pasha, with ANNY design studio in Tokyo.

Hi, all.


HiHi! Lauren here. I’ve been working with Skanect in the Museum of Arts and Design here in NYC for the past 7 months. Now I head up the education outreach program at . Really looking forward to app development that will bridge the gap for physical, IRL sculptors and digital tools. Also design and technology professor at Parsons.

see all 6000 people we scanned here

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Hi, I’m Steve and live in the UK.
I got my structure sensor yesterday and had a little play with it.
I design and install kitchens and bathrooms/wetrooms. I want to be able to use my iPad with the sensor on it to scan a room and then have it convert the scan into a 2D floor plan, so that I can then use that to work out the best design for the new kitchen. I have software that I use to create a new kitchen in 2D and convert it to a walkaround 3D model, but I have to spend ages measuring everything and drawing the room first. I’m hoping with my new structure sensor I will be able to visit the customer, stand in the middle of the room, rotate 360 degrees, and have all I need to go design their new kitchen.
If someone could knock up the software I need that would be very kind. :slight_smile:


Hi I’m John from Vancouver, Canada and just got my scanner the other day.

I’m a 3D printing ‘enthusiast’ that hosts workshops and demos all over (primarily libraries, schools, Maker Faire, etc.) as part of the 3D printing club I founded. I constantly get asked what tools are used to create models (I even wrote a book about it) and how well does 3D scanning work so I’ve spent a lot of time using the tools available.

I’ve been experimenting with the Structure and Skanect and so far am very happy with the results. I posted about my experiences so far here:


Hi, I’m Benton,
got my Structure Sensor and glad to meet you all. I’ve done a bit of Skanect-ing, RGBD toolkit projects and Kinect-Xtion work and am excited to try some tricks with SS.

Having trouble finding the link for the scanning app for iOS, help!



@benton We’ve submitted the SDK sample apps to the App Store, so you’ll be able to download those very soon once Apple approves them. In the meantime, you can scan using Skanect (like @john did) using the Structure App which is already available on the App Store. And if you’re a developer (sounds like you might be) you can download the Structure SDK and there is a scanning sample application inside. (It’s not a feature-rich app like Skanect, but rather just an open source starting point for developers to create customized scanning apps of their own.) If you aren’t an iOS developer and would like to use the sample apps early, please reach out to us via email to

Getting started tips:


Blair MacIntyre here. I’m a Professor at Georgia Tech, been doing AR research and teach since 1991. I also have a small AR company (Aura Interactive) that I use for contract work and consulting.

Finally getting the sensor this coming week, looking forward to trying it out for some AR games, and integrating it into our Argon AR-enabled web browser ( Unclear if the bridge from native to javascript will be able to handle the data rates, but something interesting should be possible, and it will be fun to code apps in WebGL/javascript.


Hi Folks, I’m vertheim. Got my scanner today but not played with it yet. Looking forward to producing some great scans and printing them out - especially if I can get my dogs to stay still long enough!
Looking forward to batting some 3D printing ideas about here too.

Does anyone know if the scanner will work with a lightning to 30 pin adapter or do I really have to buy a new ipad?

Nice to meet you guys!



Hi, I just get my Structure Sensor today. I am a Unity developer. Can’t wait to get the unity SDK to unlash the power of AR in mobile gaming.



What better way to learn about 3D and 3D printing than by using the structure sensor.
Just tried using this last night with my daughter. We scanned each other using the Itseez3D app to render.
So great to see how excited and interested she was too. Look forward to trying the sample apps.
Excited about the possibilities…

(wondering where my hacker cable is… did not receive it yet…)



Hello Structure Sensor community!

My name is Alex Tanchoco and I work at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Our organization care for and treat people with cancer as well as educate physicians and perform research into treatment options.

I have the privilege of looking at emerging technologies and processes to see where there may be opportunities to help improve any of the things we do. I’m already working on 3D technologies as well as iOS development with Objective-C. Currently exploring multi-platform development using Unity which will tie in nicely with this sensor.

I am also a volunteer for Lions Clubs International and passionate on helping the visually impaired. I believe the Structure Sensor offers so many possibilities in that area. It may not be a huge market for developers but for those the visually impaired, it could be life-changing in a good way.

I hope to get my Structure Sensor today! Looking forward to interacting with this community!



Hi, my name is Chris Zapara. I am a visual effects supervisor at MFX in Los Angeles ( I got interested in the Structure sensor for two main reasons: to provide an accurate reproduction of a set for 3d reference (basically a poor-man’s alternative to LIDAR), and to scan actors (or props) on the day for use as digital doubles in stunt sequences and vehicle shots. I’m looking forward to seeing what all you devs out there cook up, especially apps that don’t require a PC on site (time is money on set). Right now I’m busy scanning our FX crew to be background extras. Fun times!


Hi, Jenny here. Just got my sensor today. Had some decent luck with using Skanect, but zero luck with itseez so far. This is my second version of a 3D scanner, and I currently also have a Matterform (now Matter and Form) scanner that’s been sadly collecting dust for over a month already now. Hoping that the decent luck continues and turns into overall better results with the sensor. Can’t wait to try my first scan of a person. :slight_smile:


hi all,

i am jeff wong and come from hong kong. i am interesting on it so i get one. yet i am not skilful programmer hope i can make some interesting app!
i am work in the studio called XEX, if you have time visit the link below but we do not have the website yet. sorry about that. our blog our page


Hi everybody! I’m Laird Popkin, from the e-NABLE project ( We make 3D printable prosthetic designs and give them away, and organize a network of 1,000+ volunteers who print prosthetics for people who need them, for free.

One of our challenges is that each prosthetic needs to be individually customized so suit each person. To do that, we take measurements from photos, or ideally we use scans, and right now our scanning process is to take use casting to make a plaster copy of the hand/arm, and then laser scan that using industrial scanners. So I’m interesting in trying the Structure scanner out to see if it’s precise enough to use for our purposes, and if it is, to possibly make a mobile app that can walk users through the process of taking the scans and then uploading them to use as a basis of modeling their prosthetics.

It’s very exciting seeing the price of scanning drop and the convenience go up! Imaging a volunteer in a third world village able to do first-world work!


Joe Transue here,

Interests in 3D stem from photography and photogrammetry. Very interested to see what sort of hybrid solutions get developed for the SS. I have been extremely impressed with recent performance of Autodesk 123D catch. I have had my Structure Sensor for about a week and have only begun to use it. It is clear to me that the potential has yet to be tapped- I would be interested in trying to learn more about the iterative algorithms used to build models from sampled points. I have lots of questions about the device but I will do my best to track them down before crowding the airwaves with more questions.

Other outside interests include new class of HPC systems: , open source social networks (diaspora), wooden boats, yurts, energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, my ongoing home renovation…


Hello everybody,

I’m Tamas Bako from Hungary. 3D freak since the early 90s, leading Artery Studios and Artery Games ( We mainly produce assets for games and develop games also. I’m looking into 3d scanning and photogrammetry for some time now and when the Structure showed up on Kickstarter it instantly got my attention.
Finally it’s sitting on my desk and I’m building the demo apps right now! Will take it out for a spin shortly :smile:
Keep up the good work, this decade is about 3D revolution me thinks so looking forward where this will go!


Hi there,

Warren, of Aerys. We’re a small company based in Paris, France. We’re developing Minko, a platform built to improve consumption of 3D content. If there are some devs here (I guess so), feel free to look and try: the framework is open-source.

We’ll be using Structure to add another dimension to the metaverse. We’re experimenting integration of the device to our platform and we have a couple ideas to build new VR experiences with such great power.