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Hi there,

Luca, from Italy. We are a small startup, Relaticon. We provide solutions to testing, R&D and quality control labs. We’ll be investigating interesting new usages of the structure sensor for lab people.



I am Narelle Irvine of Sydney, Australia, and I have been making models of the heritage huts in the Kosciuszko National Park, NSW. You can see my current models at

I have been waiting for a way to record the insides of the huts, as they are vulnerable to vandalism, fire (bush fire or accident), and we want to be able to rebuild them as they are if something goes wrong.

I also do some work with remote sensing and GIS, and am interested to see if I can incorporate scanned models of anything into useful maps.

I also could not resist the temptation to have one of these sensors!


Johan from Sweden here. Working with alot of projects in Occulus rift and looking for ways to implement this into the VR experience.


Hi there, I’m Van, I back the project on Kickstarter because I thought it was just super cool! I don’t really have a real use for it yet, although I do have a 3D printer and hope to make stuff some day.

I’ve only done a few scans, but I’m finding that reflective objects are tough (like cars) and people seem to come out blurry because they have a hard time staying still (my kids). Also, for the tools - both Skanect and the Structure one, I frequently lose tracking… so I probably have to work on technique, too.

Anyhow, I look forward to playing with it more and learning how it all works.


Hello, my name is Kazufumi Watanabe. I live near Nagasaki, Japan. Now, I picked up my Structure Sensor !!


Hello everyone. My name is Chris Baschuk and I am a Certified Prosthetist with a background in computer science and biomedical engineering. I work at a small private practice in Northern Idaho. I have been doing research lately in the use of 3D printing in prosthetics and orthotics. I am looking forward to finding uses for the Structure sensor in my day to day interactions with the patients I work with. I can’t wait for my sensor to arrive next week.


Hello All,

My name is Stan Rosenbaum. I am currently a C.S. Graduate Student at the University of Kentucky.

I am interested in accessibly for the visually impaired. I hoping to use Structure to make a more practical version of an ongoing project that can be seen here…




Hello everyone.

My name is Michael Schienke, I run a small high end residential architectural and interior design practice, Vorbild Architecture, in London, United Kingdom -

Just unboxed the sensor and am very very excited about having received it.

My goal is to use the sensor in enhancing the experience for my clients, but also work on an application for architects on IOS.

Are there any other architects here?


Hi all, glad and thanks etc


Hi, my name is Andres and I am an EE. I worked in medical x-ray c-arm fluoroscopic systems for 10 years and now I am a product architect for web-based technologies. I think this sensor is the part of the future and I want to learn and have fun with it… That being said, anyone doing any medical apps? lets collaborate :smile:


Hi All,

I’m David McConnell from Manhasset,(Long Island) NY, USA.
Up until 5 years ago I was an architectural cad draftsman, then I was furloughed.
I now work in a local hobby shop.

The scanner looks like it will be very useful in developing meshes to eventually become model parts.
I think it’ll be a great tool.


I’m VJ from Rotterdam (Holland), I’m a freelance 3Dmaniac.

My working field can be divided in the following divisions;
3Dmodeling (Mainly with Autodesk Software Max#Inventor#Showcase etc.)
And from now on 3Dscanning :smiley:

a minute ago fedex has deliverd the sensor :smiley:
Can’t wait to get my hands dirty on the Structure…


Hi everyone, I am Matei Stroila working at HERE on research and prototyping novel map technologies. I am looking forward to experiment with the Structure Sensor for map building and map experiences.



Hi Michael,
Yes, there are. My partner and I are running a small architectural company MetJungleDesign in Sydney, Australia - Still waiting for my sensor.


Hi everyone,

I am Dmitri.
My partner and I are running an architectural company in Sydney, Australia - MetJungleDesign.
My partner is an architect and I am a software developer. Looking forward to unpacking the sensor and start playing with it. I hope we will be able to use it in our business, for example in quick building surveying.

Will be happy to chat with other developers or business people.


Hi. I’m a game developer (long background in large + small game studios, PC + online games).

I work with schools to help them teach programming to young children (aged 5 and up) using physical items. The items are 3D printed, so in theory I could Sensor-scan them and auto-create the same layouts (that the children invented) directly in digital for them to share online. (at the moment, you build it physically, then re-build by hand in software).

Also …

My oculus Rift DK2 arrived with the Sensor - but Rift doesn’t work on Mac yet, so I’m lending my sensor to a friend. Ultimately, I’d like to get room-scanning integrated with 3d game-worlds, so that e.g. your sofa appears as - say - a fluffy cloud in-game, that you can reach out and sit on…


My name is David Barry and I own My company works in the AR/VR space preferring Unity3D. We are looking to use this sensor with:
Occulus dk2
Omni treadmill
Sixense stem pack system
NASA Mind shift
Lego mind storm
Epoch emotiv headset
And a few other fun toys from kickstarter on their way now.

We are working with
Disabled vets
The visually impaired
Law enforcement
Search and rescue centers
College Athletic departments

Professors from
Coastal Carolina University
College of Science
School of Business
Arts and Humanities
Horry Georgetown Technical College
ITT Tech North Myrtle Beach

So we have our hands in a lot of pots but always an eye to what’s around the corner.
We got our sensor today and it nearly I caused a riot until I used owners prerogative to bring it home with me.
Looking forward to hearing from all of you.
Cheers mates!


Hello Everyone

I am Fernando Revilla from El Zamorano, Honduras, I’m an Architect, do lots of 3D modelling, create real time walk-through, build as drawings, basically any thing related with 3D and design and last but not least 360 occipital app is part of the tools I use, that’s were I found out about structure sensor. All in all I am honoured to be somehow part this special company (Occipital) and to be part of the special group of people in this forum.

Happy Scanning to All
Best Regards!!!


Hey everyone, I’m a software developer in a VFX company and we’ve been using Skanect and a kinect for quite a while now to make fast scans for digital doubles. Can’t wait to start using this new sensor and go wireless.
I hope we will be able to buy bracket separately soon, as I’m in desperate need of an iPad mini bracket.



Hi everyone,

My name is Ozzy. I am a project manager in New York and a robotic collector. I will be using my Structure Sensor to develop robotic applications. Excited to have my Structure Sensor and to be part of this community.