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Hi all,

I’m working on methods for RGB-D visual odometry, SLAM and 3D reconstruction. I’ve been a postdoc at the Technical University of Munich until recently and now joined Metaio to work on augmented reality. The structure apps are amazing, the scanner works very well!



Hi, everyone.

My name is Marcos Mochinski, working on Educational Technology in Brazil.
Using Structure Sensor will be my first experience with this kind of device. I know that there are many new possibilities to explore on it !



Hi All,

My name is Damien and I am from Ireland but moving to Silicone Valley in a few months.

I got my Structure Sensors yesterday and started playing around with a few things.

I am interested in how I can use the Structure Sensor for AR applications and also for Enterprise uses.

I am interested in making an app for iPad which can scan a surface and determine measurements like depth , height & width of a dent on the surface of an object.



Hi every-one. I’m Steve Voller the founder of Altuity Solutions. We’ve just received our Structure scanner and are very excited about the prospect of undertaking R&D to assess its use integrated into our infrastructure site records and facilities management software.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Amanda Eckhardt and my University recently purchased one of the sensors. I am looking forward to developing an app for easy room remodeling sketches. Glad I’ll have a community to help me out too.



Hi everyone,
I’m Mathias, co-founder of Happy scanning :slight_smile:


Kia ora (hello from New Zealand)
Just received my Structure Sensor. I have a few projects that I want to test this on. A product designer by choice with several engineering products already out in the market.
I look forward to learning together and will contribute when I can.
Paul Hill. Christchurch, New Zealand.


Hi from Ian (Shreds) in London.

I have a few commercial ideas that I want to utilise the Sensor for, but have only just opened the box…so more from me later, as I am sure I will be looking for assistance in the development field.


Hi everyone ,
I’m Jason from China,I’m using structure sensor to build 3d model in our AR project which help people try on his favorite glasses and shopping it.
I’ll post the app in few weeks go on to have a try :smile:

Best regards


Hello - Sharron Norman WinDon Studios New York City. We are going to do great things.


Hi Dimitri,
Sorry for the late reply. Quite busy around here, and even though I have had my sensor for the last several weeks, I have yet to properly give it a test run.
The reason for getting the Structure sensor was to integrated into my architectural practice, and provide scanning services, and also help with visualising existing and proposed building work to my clients. From what I pestered the product so far, it seems that it doesn’t work as I wanted it to work straight out of the box, so we need to build software around it.

But I am very excited about the possibilities and I will text you now start a separate thread to find people to do this with.



I wonder if we can do something together. I run a small architectural practice in London, United Kingdom. I am testing the sensor to help visualise what I do to clients.
I am about to do some field testing… Fingers crossed :slight_smile:



Hello everyone,
I’m a long standing laser scanning devotee, I currently work at Bentley Systems and just received my sensor. I hope to use it to good effect to get colleagues and users thinking about what is possible with scanning on every scale.
My coding skills definitely need to improve and fast.
See you around :smile:


Stephanie here. I am a software development consultant. I am evaluating sensor for use by clients in museum. Also interested in how easy it is to use for possible introduction in k-12 education. Glad there is a forum already.


Hi all!
Ray from S.K. Studios, located in sunny southern California!
Just received my structure today! It arrived with the iPad Air bracket (I still don’t have an iPad air though…) and the USB cable.
I 3D printed the iphone 5 case/structure bracket on my Solidoodle 4 3D printer, from a file available at With minimal cleanup of the print, the structure fit snugly in the case. The structure sensor screws don’t appear to counter sink into the plastic of the case, so they may scratch the phone after a while. Maybe I just need to tighten them more…

I downloaded the apps that would work on my iPhone, and was able to get a ‘mostly’ solid scan of my girlfriend, Email it myself, open it it in Blender, (the email had an .obj file as the attachment), export it as an .STL , open it in, resize it… then opened it in netfab to repair …saved the repaired file… opened the repaired file in reprap… and we’re 40 minutes into the print…

Besides 3d printing, I want to take 3d portraits of friends and family… but i haven’t found a phone app that can do both yet…


Hello from Malaysia,

My name is Kenny and I’m expecting to receive my sensor in the next few days. Looking forward to develop some AR applications with it! My portfolio website is:

I’m keen to collaborate with everyone to do cool stuff, so please drop a message at if you’re interested. Cheers!



Hi All,

I’m Paul, co-owner of Indestinate, based in Manchester, UK. We create unique experiences for visitor destinations and we’re working with museums in particular to scan exhibits and make them available in augmented reality worlds. Really looking forward to getting going with the Structure sensor and seeing what it can do!




Pete here. Not a developer; just an early adopter. Enjoying the Apps provided and looking forward to more.

I do have one question: In the Structure App (on an iPad 4) in IR view I have what looks like a dead pixel. It’s a gray 1 mm (roughly) square that does not change. Is this considered a warrantable defect? (I’ve had equipment that considered some number of dead pixels to be “normal”.)


Hi Folks - I’m a sculptor working in traditional media and looking to engage with this century. You can see my work on I’m excited about this new, affordable capture system. Would welcome contact from others who might want to work jointly.


I’m Nicola Lonardoni, CEO at P.Ar.Co. progetti S.r.l., a new start up in a North-Italian region called Trentino. We are interested in building management and fast measurement. Fore more info about me please visit my Linkedin profile or our website (actually only in Itlian but soon in English too).

Best regards.