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Glenn, podiatrist from Montréal. Eager to see how the SS can be used in our industry, particularly with orthotic fabrication.


Greetings fellow enthusiasts,
my name is Tommi and I work as an R&D engineer focusing on room capture with both 2D and 3D imaging tech. I’ve been testing both HW and SW of Structure Sensor, and I am so far positive about the robustness of Structure.

Occipital, keep up the good work so we the community can spread the interest in mobile 3D scanning !


@dr_pied did you see this?



Very interesting, thanx for sharing this. Do you know of any others involving the foot in particular?

Orthotics applications

Hi, I have recently started to play with the unit and will be looking at developing this to replace our current scanning system TOM-CAT scanning system ( ). I have imported some test scans and was wondering what is the scale of items when using the iOS scanner app. It appears to be smaller when viewed in a viewer program for obj files. Any feedback is appreciated.

Joe C.


Hi @joec,

The Scanner app exports obj files in meter scale; more info here.


Hi. I’m Adam from the UK.
I bought the Structure Sensor with the hope of integrating it into a medical device for room cleaning. I’m looking for a Unity/Structure Sensor developer to help me on this quest. We are funded! If you’re interested please get in touch on


Hi i’m Serge from Canada.
Bought a Sensor, expecting help in CAD design. First impression do not achieve expectations. So, will dig dipper : )


Morning , I’m Janus , photographer in the UK , waiting for the box to arrive . In my time I’ve shot everything for cars to people , mainly advertising , now do a fair bit of brochure and web design for new build developers , which is one reason for my interest in this bit of kit , I’m sure it will confuse me so expect me back here soon !



I am a Instrumentation Engineer. have plan to create complete room Measurment app with the structure sensor.



Hello everyone:
This is my intro, to this Forum. I am learning to use my new 3D printer, and designing things using Blender. I am a newbe to both, But am excited to get started with all of the new toys.


New employee of Occipital here! A few months ago, I was but a whipper-snapper, but now I’m working here full-time as a “Spatial Interaction Engineer”.

My background is designing novel gestural interfaces, and I worked on the original Kinect Fusion paper. I’m very excited to be on board, and to generate new experiences with you all!


Hey guys,

I’m Andy from the UK. I’m just North of London and have been fiddling with the Structure for some months. Managed to get some really good scans of both objects and people.

Anyone else in the UK interested in setting up a UK Structure Sensor Meet-up? I’m especially keen to meet people who are interested in developing apps that utilise the sensor and content.




Hi to all. I am a prof at Duke University. Looking forward to writing software for the Structure Sensor.

Carlo Tomasi



I am Alberto. I am a visiting scholar at Department of Computer Science of Rutgers University, USA. I am using the Structure Sensor for research purposes.




Hi everyone,
Jarrod here. I just received my sensor today and started playing with it.
Among other things, I intend to use it to capture equipment and environments for engineering work. Rooms, industrial tools, etc. We’ll see how that goes.

Eventually the information will need to end up in Revit, so if anyone has advice on viewing the mesh in Autodesk products I’d appreciate it.


I’m Eng from the BayArea, I’ve been dabbling in 3D since the introduction of 3D Studio Max in the late 90’. This scanner do introduce a much quicker and accurate to obtain a base model. Love to see further development in the resolution of this scanner.


Welcome all newcomers! For anyone who is in the SF Bay Area or Boulder/Denver area, I’d like to invite you to reach out and come visit Occipital at either of our offices. Message me any time if you’d like to set up a short visit with the team that built the Structure Sensor & SDK.


Hi everyone,

I’m Benoit, a phD student working on the acquisition of the reflectance properties of materials from pictures. Since i need to know the geometry of the object, i hope Structure sensor will allow me to create my own data set.


Hello Everyone,
I am Kia and I am systems, software developer. i am working on 3D modeling to improve health care in third world countries. Excited to see structure io sensors available to purchase commercially.