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Hello, my name is Isaac and I have just purchased the Structure Sensor. I’m from Mexico and I’m an Industrial Designer, working mostly with car improvement.
I have read that it is difficult to scan cars, but I actually bought the SS to do that (or at least certain parts of a car)

I have been thinking about techniques to do it, so when I get my sensor I’ll be doing tests right away.
If anyone tried that before, let me know :slight_smile:


Greetings, I’m Sam Kass, and have dabbled in Computer Vision and 3D since the 90’s. Lately I’ve been into 3D Printing and Virtual Reality, both of which require better ways to generate models. I’m hoping I can both use the Structure Sensor to generate models with the included software, as well as improve the software myself over time.


Hello, My name is Bill Wang. I’m a Structure Steel Detailer in Edmonton Canada. I hope I can play this 3D scanner a little bit and use it on my job somehow.


Hello. I am new to the community. I have a 3d Printing business and have been in awe of the structure sensor since I saw it on Kickstarter but waited. Now I got one. i am not much of a software person but I am going to try my hand at an app for my iphone 6 plus since ipad and iphone have same os now, as some of the apps are only for iPad and cant get to work on iPhone.

I did screw up on my ordering and trying to rectify that now hopefully. I believe occipital will help. I somehow pieced my order and neglected to get skanect pro which I see now is a neccesity to use the sensor now.
I am hoping the community developers can enhance on the sensor and make 3d scans of small objects. I noticed in a post that adding certain lenses can get better details. So what I need isnt so far fetch, just a little ways out in regards to time.

Anyhow, I am excited to be here. I hope to learn and if at all possible help out the community bring the Structure sensor to its maximum potential.



Hello, I’m Brian. I’m absolutely love the 3d scan/print movement. I’m new to it but am all ears and eager to learn. I customize classic mustangs and am excited about the future of restomod capabilities with the 3d movement. I would love to chat with anyone.

Received my scanner and made my first scans today. It was a blast!


Hi there, I’m Lorenzo Monni, from Italy. I’m working on an application of obstacle detection and now it’s time to experiment the possibilities of environment reconstruction with Structure. : )


Hello fellow 3D enthusiasts I am a 3D printer Specialist here in the great Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon… I have over decade of manufacturing experience starting a journey into the additive manufacturing world I love the Structure Sensor . I have had my SS Structure sensor for a week and really enjoy the speed of the scans. I am a contributing member of the Portland 3D Printing lab meetup her in Portland and invite you to join us if your in the area. Im working on my website but also have a 3D printing HUB on 3D hubs that can be found here at


Hello. My name is Michael Casebolt. I am a 3rd year computer science major at Cal Poly SLO. My senior project group aims to make an app for the iPad using the structure sensor. I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting project, and I’m excited about the future of this technology.


I am Aju George Kurian, a fashion Management professional from India. We have a retail chain concept starting up across the globe of custom tailoring of suits, out of which some are partly in operation. Are you interested in developing some IOS app, that will enable us to get accurate body measurements like www. which uses KINECT and Windows OS ?


hello my name is mattia from italy.
I am an apple developer and I use structure for a job that I have assigned


We are Lucie and Guillaume almost based in Prague, production designers working under the label Alto ( and we are very exited by using this great structure sensor. Waiting for more and more accuracy with room capture, you can easily discover why.


hi looking forward to testing out the structure scan. hope to get some reverse engineering happening on grp moulds. will keep you guys posted as we get things up and going anyone experienced in using it on a windows device? wacom companion…?


Hello everyone,

My name is Alecz, I am a ms candidate at Udem (university of Montreal). Im currently experimenting with the Oculus Rift, the leap motion, the Epoc headset (EEG) and i cant wait to get my structure sensor.

I want the structure so bad to import real envrionments into virtual worlds.
For now i focus on therapeutical usages and serious games.

More info on the website and the facebook group page, feel free to join if interested!

Peace out and thanks to the Occipital Team!


Hi everybody.

My name is Pere and I’m from Barcelona

I’m engineer and I’m working in the packaging world (Labelling machines industry)

I need Structure Sensor to know the form of different bottles. I think Structure Sensor can help me.

Best regards from Barcelona


Hi all,

I’m Seigfried Hung who lives in Taiwan. I’m a manager to do IR structure light module in company, and I’m a PhD student major in 3D(disparity) and robot technolofy both. I wrote the windows program for computer vision application.Then I’ll start study iOS application after I got structure sensor. Let’s see what we can do with structure sensor!



Hello Christian- can you share what sort of hardware you guys are using to run your algorithms? I’m curious if you are running high end workstation or something larger. Cheers!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Sean, I am interested in playing with something cool! Hello to everyone.


Hi there, I am Maree Clegg from Auckland, New Zealand. I am an Art History Masters student and am planning on using the structure sensor on an upcoming trip to Europe to scan ancient sculpture. As my time is necessarily limited I am hoping to scan as many objects as possible and then analyse them when I get home.


Cool! Welcome Maree. If you happen to be on your way through London, you’re welcome to stop by at our regular Sketchfab Meetup.





Hi all,

I’m Bart Veldhuizen, I’m the Head of Community for Sketchfab and I work from the Netherlands. We consider ourselves the ‘youtube of 3D’, allowing artists to embed interactive 3D models on their websites.

I often use a Structure scanner at events to scan people and it always draws a crowd! I mainly use ItSeez3D because of the ease of use and quality of the results, but I’m diving into Skanect Pro now as well.

We see a lot of 3D scanning activity in our community, and also have a weekly ‘3D Scanning Thursday’ challenge. This week’s topic is ‘Travel’. Scroll down to see the first entries, and feel free to join in!

I’ll lurk around here to pick up tips and tricks, especially any that would make scanning at events easier/more efficient :wink: