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Hi, All!

My name is Perry Hui, and Iive in Beijing, China. My company plan to use Structure Sensor for archaeological project. I think it will be very cool! :sunglasses:

Happy you guys!


Hello , my name is Charles. Look forward to using my sensor in making gaming miniatures.


Hi all! I’m Andrea from Italy! I’m an R&D engineer in 3D vision. Looking forward to do great things with the structure sensor!


Hey folks! David Kay from Jersey City, NJ.

Jeff was one of the first people I met in the iOS world, back in 2008 or 2009. I’ve been a big fan of Occipital since then.

I’ve had my structure sensor since the Kickstarter but am only now getting around to playing with it.

Day-to-day, I build medical mobile apps. My goal with the structure sensor is to put together 3d scanning & printing in a medical context.

Find me at:


Hi, Joe here in Indiana. Prepping to scan antique engine parts.


Hi, My name is Mandad and I’m from Toronto. My background is in Industrial Design and Have been playing with the structure for the past few months. I’m looking to hire a developer to make our medical based 3d app. I’m not sure what to look for in terms of experience and type of programs they need to be proficient in. The app requires some computer vision programing since we are matching templates to the scanned 3d model.
Any suggestions?


Hi! Dennison Bertram here. I’m a fashion photographer based in Milan, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic.

I’m not a developer per-say as I don’t have a much of a programming background, but I’m looking to get a bit ahead of the curve and start applying 3d Scanning to Fashion. You can see my traditional “2-d” work here:

I know I’m getting into the tech a little bit before it’s ready, but I have many unique use cases for the technology that I think could form the basis of the future of 3d Scanning in the Fashion industry.

Forgive me if I ask many uninformed questions! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m David. Ordered the structure to scan items for printing. Looking forward to getting started.


@adam on our team is a car guy. He might like to see your antique scans!


Hello, I’m a new user and excited about implementing this technology as a management tool within my architectural practice.

Will let you know how everything pans out once we have a better feel for the tool.

SLM Architecture, P.C.



I’m Matt! I’m a Creative and Industrial designer as well as the founder of Cubewright 3D Printing & Design I make cool stuff. I make stuff up. I’ve been a professional designer for over 20 years working with CNC workflows, fiberglass, grand format printing and other crazy ways to make and build custom and out of the ordinary stuff! If you think it’s possible, I know how to make it happen. Will be using the structure as one more wonderful tool of the trade.

ask me questions and I’ll find you answers…


Hi Paul,

perhaps you could give some contact details. I have a small museum details can be found by following the link.


Geoff Taylor


Hi Andy,

I am interested give me more details

Spalding Lincs website


Hi Everyone,

I am Brad Eichenberg, lead mobile developer for FreightSnap. We are a start up in Kansas City, Mo working to bring the Freight and transportation industry up to speed with technology. 3D dimensioning is on of the many things we have been working on using other types of technology, one being the IFM camera. Being able to have this sensor attached to a mobile device and all of the APIs that come with it are just a few of the many exciting features that Structure offers. I can’t wait to get involved with the forums and get my hands dirty with this sensor.


Halo all,
I am Sario, just got my Structure sensor and looking forward to have fun with it. Hope can learn more thing from you guys!


Hi All,

I am Tony. We are a startup company based off Jakarta, Indonesia. We do various services in 3D Scanning (white structured light, blue structured light, infrared scanner and photogrammetry), 3D Reverse Engineering (Geomagic), 3D Modeling, and 3D Printing. We had added Structure sensor to our list of scanners and found it to be the fastest path for us to get from 3D Scan to 3D Printing. Still can’t wait to get the Android version of the apps (not just the SDK).


Hey everybody!
I work for Scandy, the easiest way to scan, share, and print in 3D.

We recently added coupon codes to our site. You get a free small 3D print (2" tall) just for signing up. Since I imagine all of you already have a Structure sensor, why not download our app and give it a try? Just make an account and use coupon code: smallplease to get free small.



Hope Xiao from Senscape Technologies in China, we focus on augmented reallity technology. We plan to use this sensor for 3d augmented reality solutions. please visit :, it is in Chinese :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi everyone

I’m Amira shawky, a junior research assistant at bibliotheca alexandrina, Egypt
Our main interest to use augmented reality technology in documenting and presenting culture and natural heritage in Egypt

nice to meet you all


Hi everyone!

My name is Pedro Estevez, from NYC. I’m new to the 3D world, so I’m trying to learn as much as I can in scanning and printing. Glad to be a part of the group.