New tracker loses track on smaller bounding boxes


When updating to SDK 0.8.1, we noticed any scan we took in our fixed bounding box in the app would scan for a fraction of a second, and then complain that it lost track.

I tested with the sample scanner app and noticed that when the bounding box is small(ish), I get the same results. Turning off the new “improved” tracker allows me to scan again. Adding kSTTrackerLegacyKey: true fixes the issue our app, but it’s odd that the “improved” tracking in fact doesn’t track at all. What’s going on here?

Device: iPad Pro A1822
iOS: 12.0 (16A5339e)

I’d test on our iPad air, but of course there is the other bug in the SDK that prevents you from even initializing the scanner on that device (which a majority of our customers have). This 0.8 release feels like it hasn’t been QA’d at all…


Thanks for letting us know!

It does seem that the new tracker loses position on very small bounding boxes.

We will take a look into this.