Newbie - got my sensor today, and made a lens, seems to work


I think the pictures speak for them self :wink:


@jan1 - Those are really great results! Of course, as part of Occipital I’m obliged to mention that modifications like that will void the warranty, and I also need to caution you about eye safety, since there is a laser back there.

Our sensor is class 1 rated as is, but you should test with your lens system in place to ensure that it’s still class 1 rated as eye safe.


I am using +3 lenses. Well I take the chance regarding the warranty, even that I cant see how it can destroy the sensor.
Thanks for the advice regarding the laser rated class. I guess it is the same situation with the 4eyes system?


Well after some thinking, I really think it is strange that I can void the warranty when I uses glasses at front of the structure sensor. It is NOT a modification to the sensor, it is a add on at front of the sensor just like the 4eyes system. Actually I put a lot of things in front of my structure sensor, like the things I want to scan :wink:
Can you (or anyone) please tell me why that will void the warranty??


Could you please explain the benefit from using these lenses?


What lenses are in your stack here? Can you explain the process a bit more? Are these +3 diopter? Did you use skanect? I personally have had some more troubles with lenses in the iOS app.

Also, I agree that this shouldn’t void a warranty. When you add a lens attachment to a CMOS camera, it is called an attachment. If you have a laptop cooling deck for your gaming rig, its an accessory. Not sure why this would be any different.


The lenses is made out of +3 reading glasses. Nothing special there. I only use Scanect, since Ipad apps dont work with the lenses.
The benefit in using lenses is more detailed scans.


How did you cut the lens?


The lenses are plastic. I did cut them with a lasercutter, after I got my local optician to mark (small dot) the optical center. Most optician can do that within a minute.
If you want to try, just buy some cheap +3 glasses and tape the glasses on the Structure Sensor with the optical center in the middel of the two eyes.
The “only” issue I have is some optical deviation, I can see it when using Scanect and use a model on my turn table. After a 360deg scan the “ends” seems not to fit precise together.
Don’t know if there is any variables in Scanect to compensate for the deviation.

Anyway the scans is more detailed using the lenses.
As “crystal” mention be careful with the laser.