News: Original Structure Sensor (ST01) Retirement


After 5 exciting years with Structure Sensor we have some big news. As of today, October 24th The original Structure Sensor (ST01) has been replaced with Structure Sensor (Mark II). While we will continue to support and sell accessories for ST01 and honor any existing warranties, we have ended sales of all original Structure Sensors. The original Structure Sensor will continue to be fully supported by the Structure SDK (for iOS).

As we say goodbye to original Structure Sensor, the platform it created is moving into the next-generation. Structure Sensor (Mark II), Occipital’s totally redesigned depth sensor for iOS, is available for purchase and integration into a whole new world of apps and experiences. We’ll be updating our Featured Apps page as your favorites are upgraded to work with Mark II.

For original Structure Sensor (ST01) resources and support, please see the original Structure Sensor hub page.


Q. Why can’t I purchase the original Structure Sensor anymore?
A. After 5 years of service the original Structure Sensor has been retired. Check out our latest sensor, Structure Sensor (Mark II).

Q. Can I still get accessories for the original Structure Sensor?
A. Yes! Check out the accessory page on our store for compatible parts.

Q. Will you still repair/replace my Structure Sensor (ST01) if it is covered under warranty?
A. Of course! Simply email us

Q. Will all the apps that work with the original Structure Sensor work with Structure Sensor (Mark II)?
A. The following apps created by Occipital will be compatible with Structure Sensor (Mark II): Structure, Scanner, Room Capture, Canvas, Skanect. Some of these apps are currently in development for Mark II. For an up-to-date list, see the compatibility article on our Support Center.

Other 3rd party apps will also support Structure Sensor (Mark II) such as Crisalix, 3DSizeME and ItSeez3D which are current under development. As for other 3rd party apps we highly recommend reaching out to the developer of your favorite app to find out when they will support Structure Sensor (Mark II).

For more details, please see the Structure Sensor website here:

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