Noise from DepthFrame PointCloudMesh using SimpleStreamer


I am a relatively new user to the Structure SDK and have recently obtained a Structure Core device for use in a university project. The aim of my project is to process continual 3D scans (or a live stream of scans) for detecting obstructions in real-time. I am currently using SimpleStreamer to obtain a continual stream of 3D scans by calling the “saveImageAsPointCloudMesh” function in the captureSessionDidOutputSample void, however, there seems to be a significant amount of noise with each scan. Furthermore, this noise extends past the actual structures being scanned and seems to be completely different with each scan. The link below shows images of the noise around a simple corridor scan using this method.

I was wondering if anyone has also encountered this issue and would care to share how they have managed to fix it? I understand that there are different noise filtering techniques which can be used, however, since my project focuses on the obstruction detection side of things I was hoping there would be a simple solution.

Thanks for the help!