.obj file to .cad



Without using the Canvas App. How can I convert the obj file to cad file with accurate measurements? I plan to use it for measuring kitchen countertops and staircases.

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We have an excellent article in our Canvas support pages about converting OBJ files to CAD type files yourself: https://support.canvas.io/article/33-can-i-do-scan-to-cad-myself

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Thank you Anthony.
I’ve also found this post Converting internal room dimensions to CAD which seems to be helpful. I haven’t tried SpaceClaim or Geomagic Design X yet but i will.
Thank you once again for your reply


Try Geomagic Wrap. It is expensive but you can try it for a few days for free. Its powerful software. You can edit, align multiple scans, pull measurements, and export intersection curves right from the obj or ply mesh. Once you remove any wormholes or twisted mesh Its quick to create a NURB surface IGS or STP.

Rhino and Solidworks pro will now let you surface meshes as well.