Obtain camera name/model?


Is there a way to get a string of the camera name/model, such as “Structure Core Grayscale” or “Structure Core Color” for the two different visible camera types? My intention is to show a list of connected sensors in a UI, and specifying the camera model would be helpful.


Have you looked into ST::ConnectedSensorInfo Struct Reference material? With this Struct, you should be able to receive the data you need like the serial number of the sensor and the product name.

You should also take a look at ST::enumerateConnectedSensors() as this will provide you a list of all connected Structure Core devices.


Ah, there we go. I knew I had seen something like this but couldn’t find it in the various CaptureSession-related headers. Will the product property list the model, or just something like “Core?”. I’m working on Windows currently, so I suppose this is Linux-only and I’ll have to wait until enumerateConnectedSensors() is supported on Win & Mac.