Occipital Bridge Calibration


Is there going to be a new or different Calibrator.app for the Bridge? If not what are the offsets for the Custom Case?


I had to calibrate my sensor, but I used the standard app. I would imagine it’s the same process for the Bridge and the sensor by itself.


what Y offset did you use?


Hmm I’m not sure - I didn’t ever see a specific value, I was just adjusting by hand. I also don’t see any way in the calibration app to see what my current offset is.

The only reason you might have to redo the calibration (to my understanding), is if you were previously calibrated without the wide vision lens. There’s a separate process for calibrating with the wide angle lens.


I didn’t try with wide screen yet, perhaps it does not have this step.


Oh you are on the custom case setup.

If I’m remembering correctly, if you just swipe from left-to-right, you should have the ability to select the Bridge case setup.

After calibration with wide lens this is how the calibration app looks for me:


I did not have the latest Calibrator.app installed. It will look like this:


Awesome, glad you got it all figured out. :+1:t3:


My calibration app doesn’t have an option for selecting a case as far as I can tell. Where can I find it?


As long as you’re running on iPhone 6, 6s, or 7, you should see this but you need to make sure you get the very latest Calibrator app (updated a few days ago).


It only shows with an iPhone before you do the regular calibration or after the checkerboard calibration when doing wide view calibration. It does not show up when calibration an iPad


I downloaded it from the app store today. I figured it out, thanks for your help.


Looks great, always interned in hearing more :heart:


I know this is a year later, but…I just got my Bridge, iPhone X model, I just downloaded the calibration tool (so I have the latest), and I am not getting an option to choose Bridge as a case, I only get the “Custom Case” page.


Hi Dreamwriter!

Unfortunately, the Calibrator App’s iPhone X update is currently waiting on app store approval. We expect it to be live very soon, but if you’re not the waiting type, there’s a path forward with the existing app. Here’s a short walkthrough if you can’t wait to get started :slight_smile:

If you download the current Calibrator app on the app store, you’ll get a “Unsupported iPhone” warning, but don’t let that stop you!

The next step will be using the checkerboard to calibrate the wide visions lens. This step will be trickier than usual with the current version of the Calibrator app. I’ve noticed that the second step seems to be the stickiest. Try getting a little closer that the grid recommends, that often does the trick.

Next, you’ll need to enter the Structure Sensor offset manually. the values are: X=0, Y=-31.8, Z=-12.7. One note here is that both the Y, and Z values are negative!

Finally, you’ll want to find a nice visually complex scene. This step will also be a little more stubborn than usual. If the app takes more than 12-15 snapshots it’s best to start from scratch.

You can review the calibration tutorial for additional tips to guide you through the process.

If you’re having trouble, or you get stuck - don’t worry! The updated Calibrator app is just around the corner, and will make everything easier.

I’d also like to invite you to reach out to me if you encounter any issues getting started with your new Bridge.


Thanks! I actually figured the Y offset correctly, my Z was a bit off but not bad. I agree the wide-angle checkerboard was a pain, but once I had set the XYZ values as correctly as I could get it the complicated-scene actually worked on the first try (I just pointed it at my bedspread, which is full of weird patterns it could apparently use).


@Dreamwriter - the new calibration app is in the app store now! Feel free to update your existing calibration for best results: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/structure-sensor-calibrator/id914275485?mt=8