Origin of different frames (depth, visible, IR)


Is there information about where the origin of the different frames are relative to each other (Depth, Visible, Left+Right IR)?

I’m using the ROS driver for some robotics projects, but it’s difficult to calculate the extrinsics (represented as tf values), if I don’t know what the offsets of the various frames are relative to each other.

The launch files that ship with the driver publish static transforms to /tf for cloud_tf_frame and tf_frame, which fixes them to the origin.

However, there are no transformations for the ir_frame, color_frame, or depth_frame, so there’s no information about where these are relative to one another.

Also, the two infrared cameras (/sc/infrared_right/camera_info and /sc/infrared_left/camera_info), claim to both be anchored to ir_frame, which seem clearly wrong (to me), since they are physically 75.01 mm from each other according to the published CAD drawings.

Any help anyone can give me sorting this out would be greatly appreciated!