Personal Best Scans and some observations


There are my personal best scans so far- All are using ItSeez3d. Sorry Structure but the quality is abysmal when it comes to color texturing (I regret purchasing the pro version extremely much) :frowning:


Friends and Models:

Thus far good quality full body scans have been elusive. Itseez3d just doesn’t holdup well once you go into full body scanning mode. My thought is that the field of view of the camera is too narrow when you rotate the tablet and you lose tracking. Not sure.

As a note- Itseez3d almost always does a poor job on the underside of the subjects nose. Almost always.

Please Skanect! Please fix texturing!!! And let us scan+capture images without uplink (save for latter processing).


Have you tried the most recent texturing with fine details in Skanect 1.8? (Highest Quality = ON, Resolution = ~1-2mm, Face Mode = ON (for subjects)) Make sure to get as close as possible to subjects during scan, but not closer than sensor range (so, put subjects about 2 feet away).


I will give that a shoot to see what I get!


Is there any followup on this thread?
I am new here and trying to find the optimal h/w s/w and settings to do good, 3d printing of full body at 35mm up to 150cm tall scale.