Pixels Focal Length for Structure Sensor


What is a good pixels focal length to use for the Structure Sensor and/or is there a quick and simple way of working an exact one out?

For 640x480, I’m currently using:

        fx = 573.71
        fy = 574.394

Which works ok, but if there are better values, or a quick way of calibrating to get better values, I’d like to know.

Thanks for any input

Hi @greg4, given those parameters I assume you are working with an iPad 5 at VGA resolution. I asked one question related to this topic in the following thread RGB camera intrinsics. Unfortunately there is no APIs available to retrieve the intrinsic parameters yet (Structure SDK 0.3). The good news is that according to the Occipital team, they are working on this to expose this information in a proper way.

Miguel Algaba.