Playback of captured RAW files from the NiViewer

Hello there

I started using the StructureIO sensor on Ubuntu using OpenNI and I can open the Sensor with the NiViewer, see the video stream and depth image.

I then continued to record the stream and play the recorded stream with the NiViewer. Works like a charm.

However I also made some frame captures but I am not view them afterwards. I tried to open the RAW files with different Image Processing Programms as well as the NiViewer and SimpleRead but nothing works =/

Does anyone know how to view the captured Images?

Thanks and best regards

@nt_ or @forrest would either of you have a suggestion for Gerald?

Hello Gerald,

How are you capturing your frames exactly?

There’s many linux image viewers available, you need to pick one that’s flexible enough to display what you’re saving on disk.

If you’re dumping PIXEL_FORMAT_DEPTH_1_MM raw data, a 16 bit grayscale capable viewer would work.

I did not try it, but I believe ImageMagick’s display tool can open raw 16 bit grayscale images. See:

I can research more if you’re still stuck. Let me know.