Please help others learn from the SDK samples


On a Linux Mint 19 PC, I used SciTools Inc Understand to analyze SDK 7.1 source code. I used Understand’s BuildSpy tool to “spy” on the build and create an accurate Understand project. I provide the BuildSpy command I used below.
/opt/Understand-5/bin/linux64/buildspy/buildspy -cc /usr/bin/cc -cxx /usr/bin/g++ -cmd ‘./Scripts/ -D -v -c -D -c CMAKE_C_COMPILER=/opt/Understand-5/bin/linux64/buildspy/gccwrapper -c -D -c CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=/opt/Understand-5/bin/linux64/buildspy/g++wrapper’ -db aaa_sdk.udb -verbose &> /tmp/buildspy.log

I tweaked the project by adding include paths and enabled several C++ settings that aren’t set by default.

The file extension is not supported by the upload button. If it was, I would have attached the resulting Understand project. For more information regarding the Understand tool, search for SciTools Inc. Understand. The last time I checked, you can get free one year licenses for various non-commercial uses.

Using the Understand project I created, I found useful information regarding ImGui (ImGui github) used by CorePlayground.

I have much to learn but hope my (and other’s) experiences will provide information that will help others.