Pointers on CodaWheel SDK


The earliest Bridge Explorer headsets were shipped with the CodaWheel button before the real remote could ship. I don’t have the headset anymore, but still interested in using this little Bluetooth button from a toy iOS/MacOS app. Unfortunately, the Korean supplier ENUSTech / bCoda supplier seems to have no real info available anymore on how to interact with the little button, like setting its mode and receiving clicks. The App Cliki seems to be working, but only exclusively from within its app. Does anyone have any pointers (perhaps structure itself from withing Bridge engine) on where to find more info on SDK/API. If not, any suggestions on an easy-programmable hand-held (keyboard) button control from iOS/macOS?


Here is a link to my CodaWheel project. It has both Objective-C and Swift 5 targets.


Thanks a lot, this was more than I dared ask for!

Up and running on my phone in a couple of minutes, now happily clicking away on the CodaWheel admiring its responsiveness. Now for some integration in my Toy App.

BTW do you plan releasing this at any point (publicly) under a permissive license?