Power passthrough with Bridge not working


Went to setup and calibrate the sensor with the app on my iPhone6 and find that the smart power supply doesn’t pass power through the sensor to the phone when they are all connected. Our other sensor when connected to an iPad Air2 does this fine. Is there a reason the power isn’t being passed through to charge the device with the sensor that came bundled with the Bridge headset?


Sorry about that – currently, the sensors shipping with Bridge don’t support the Power Adapter Pro pass-through charge feature. That said, we intend to enable this feature at a later date with a software update.


It shows the same hardware version and firmware version as my Structure Sensor, how is the Bridge hardware different?


Just minor power path differences leading to this one behavior change, nothing else of note other than the color.


Bringing this one back from the dead - along with my two structure sensors. I powered them up and downloaded the latest Structure app from the store. Still says Firmware 2.0 “Firmware is up to date”. I’m guessing that the power doesn’t pass through to charge the device yet?