Praise for Skanect 1.8


Ran 1.8 yesterday and I’d like to say thanks for beefing up CPU rendering. I have a hyper threading 4 core i7 (8 virtual cores, it feels like these are being leveraged now?!) with 12 GB of RAM and I was having a lot of problems running CPU renders before. I now have much of the functionality I was originally hoping for, albeit a bit later than I would have preferred.

Side note: If anyone out there developing algorithms is interested in some really interesting, exotic stuff (and has some understanding of parallel computing) they should check out the Data Vortex. They have a game changing solution to the problem of high-node-count machines being interconnect limited when packet size is small.



Great! I’ve been running 1.7 for ages and it worked like a charm!

Now I’ve “upgraded” to 1.8 and, all of a sudden Uplink doesn’t work!


MacBook Pro + iPad Air





I’d say I win this time except… you can still downgrade back to 1.7. I can’t get back the weeks my setup worked poorly, so don’t expect a bunch of sympathy.


Hahaha! Nice one Joe!

In fact, I managed to get Uplink working with my trusty little Alcatel Onetouch. Must be something about the home router. Or the relative position of the planets. Or whatever! :smile:





Hey Andy
My windows 8.1 firewall was not letting the uplink work when I upgraded to 1.8. 1.7 still worked fine, but 1.8 would not. As I was closing down 1.7, I notices there was a message on the desktop saying Windows firewall has blocked access from…" Continues blocking or allow. Once I hit Allow, 1.8 uplink worked.


Hey Bob,

Thanks for the info. I’ll look into it.





Much better colour res with 1.8, shame I have not figured out a way to extract the colour in any useful manner.


Extract, in what way, James?




extract vertex colour and then project it onto a uvmapped version of the same model.
Thanks for reply.



Have you tried ItSeez3D? It gives far higher resolution textures.

If you can texture a Skanect scan with the texture from an ItSeez3D scan I think you’d get the best of both worlds.





I was getting good results from Itseez3d yes, but that method is different from the structure/uplink/Skanect, which I prefer when it comes to scanning.
I am trying to extract the colour from Skanect scans.

Somehow I dont think this could work.


@websta. Maybe this thread would help…


Hey thanks, my prob is solved for now.