Problem at eye level on scan face in high resolution


I send you this email because we have some texture problems when we perform a face scan. We use the structure SDK 0.6.1 on a IPad Air 2.
When we choose the highest resolution (2596x1936), an imperfection of the texture mainly appears at eye level as we can see on the image below.

If the resolution is minimal (640x480), the scan is blurred (linked to the resolution choice) without imperfection at eye level.

Do you know where the problem comes from? Can we choose an intermediate resolution?
We tried 4/3 intermediate resolutions (1024x960 and 1298x968) but our application crash using them.



Is this observed on every scan?

Also, please ensure kSTColorizerPrioritizeFirstFrameColorKey is set to true for facial scans.




The problem at eye level is present on every scan.

In our scans the parameter kSTColorizerPrioritizeFirstFrameColorKey is set to true but it’s inefficacious at eye level because we begin the scan by a side of the face.
If we don’t begin on a side the nose is deformed.

We want to test also other resolution but our Ipad Air 2 doesn’t accept them. With wich hardware can we use the highest resolution (4032x3024) ?


Take a look at this thread that details how to modify the scanner sample to place the scanning volume at a fixed location. I think this could work better for your face scanning application as you will not have to start scanning from the side.