Problem with OpenNI


I’m using the Structure Sensor with OpenNI on OS X 10.10.5. Most of the times the sensor works properly, but sometimes I get the error:
WARNING Endpoint 0x81, Buffer 0: Asynch transfer failed (status: 6)
ERROR Endpoint 0x81, Buffer 0: Failed to re-submit asynch I/O transfer (err=-9)!

Usually this error also comes with the messages:
WARNING Endpoint 0x81, Buffer 0: Failed waiting on asynch transfer event: Xiron OS got an event timeout!
WARNING Endpoint 0x81, Buffer 0: Transfer is still queued though event was raised!

Usually (not always), I can replicate the error by following these steps:

  1. run one of the Samples, for instance ClosestPointViewer;
  2. force it to close with “ctrl-c”;
  3. run the Sample again.
    After this procedure, I never get the depth stream and most of the times I get the messages that I mentioned above. To see these messages, do not forget to set LogToConsole to 1, in the OpenNI.ini file.

I know that I can close the Sample by pressing “Esc,” but this procedure is just so that you can replicate the error.

Do you have any idea on the reason for this error?


Looks like a few people have reported the same issue using sensor-kinect and (more generically) libusb. Maybe try changing the USB interface as suggested in the last link.

This error occurs when I use OpenNI to communicate with the sensor. I did not find a way to change the USB interface under this framework. Do you have any idea on how this can be done?