problems with Unity and BridgeEngine on IOS

  • When I build my Unity project for the Bridge, the wrong AppController gets set (i.e., GvrAudioAppController instead of the BridgeEngineAppController) and the system never goes to the first screen (even when DEBUG=1 is set)
  • Appending the project overwrites all project settings (e.g., when I need to add a preprocessor macro for my own code)
  • I am always getting a magenta screen when running my own project on IOS. The demo works just fine. I am not using any weird or custom shaders, just the standard shader. What could be going wrong?

Thanks in advance,



Just to be clear for the last (most important) bullet point. When I disable the “BridgeEngineMain” and export to IOS, it works just fine. Are there any parameters that could be causing this?